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Server changing

hello guys... how are you doing? I hope your weekend was nice! I have been in France, at the last Erosex expo for this year. It was successful, and Im very excited to come back next year february! I have one very important announcement for you. Tomorrow, this means...
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Final test

Hello guys 🙂 So, I want to announce, the final test of our WEBCAM system will be 24.11.2017, 9:00 PM CET!!! Who will be there? And 🙂 I need your help... we have some cool ew updates...
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Fan meeting in Rouen

Hello guys 🙂 So, the first weekend of our France Expos tour is done... I must say just WOW... Its incredible, how many fans I do have in France! And It was really a pleasure to meet all of you guys... 🙂 Specially, our Member Gothic, it was soo cool time with you! We...
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Webcam test!!!

Hello Dears! So I want to announce, that we are gonna make a test webcam show, this wednesday, 1st November 2017, 9:00PM CET! I would love you, to join us, as much guys as possible, because we are testing a new system, so this is the only way, to proof, if its...
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Incredible news!

Guys 🙂 Is here!!! We got the best scene ever 🙂 Actually, I got... The best surprise, the best girl.... The scene of the year... Oh yes, Lesbian scene with Nici Dee... I still cant believe it, but it really happened, and I love it! And Nici too... Well, enough...
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Resume of the last weeks

Hello my dears... so, Im on the way from Berlin, sitting in the car, tired, but happy.. the All expos was awesome, Innsbruck, and Venus, we did a great promotion for LCD, we are starting some new businesses to make uor site even better, met incredible new people, and...
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Some news 🙂

Hello dears 🙂 The autumn starts, and with it comes so many work for us! We are totally overbook for the next two months, which is great, because is time of the Erotic Exhibitions!!! We start next week in Innsbruck, after Venus Berlin, after that we plan to shoot...
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Hello again 🙂

Hey my dears 🙂 How are you doing? Just announcing you, we have some new hot selfies in our forum!! This time, we have been in France, visit our friend, and with us have been there Sabrisse and Nici Dee... 🙂 With Sabrisse I made a super hot lesbian scene, which is...
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Last webcam show

So guys, this blog is about our last webcam show.
Well… there was a many problems. You know, sometimes, if you are excited about something too much…

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First Birthday of LCD!!!

Oh my god… guys, I cant believe it!!! Soon it will be a year, since we launched our website! Its unbelievable how the time run… Its been a lot of work, learning and finding our way to go,

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