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Thank you for B-day wishes!

I would like to announce, that SUNDAY 10:00 PM I will do another CHAT session here!!! Looking forward to talk to you again!!!
Many Kisses

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new updates

Hello guys 🙂 How is your weekend?
As you can see, there are new stuff online, En Eivissa PHOTO and VIDEO set. How do you like it? I like both very much, its remaind…

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My Birthday is coming soon :))

Hello dears 🙂
because so many of you asked me what I want for b-day, or if they can buy me some present, well, I created a little wishlist..

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New update in MY LIFE

Good morning 🙂
Are you interested, what is going on in my private life? See the new video in MY LIFE!

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expo marathon 🙂

I have question for you… I got some idea to make Little Caprice Swinger Parties…. Will you like something like this in the future? Will you come to party like this? Or tell me also your opinion…

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Working Hard 🙂

Hello! After one hard weekend in Innsbruck, I have one day free today to answer you all your questions… thank you for all your suggestions and ideas you give me guys! Im very happy you like…

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Nasty nylons 😜

Hello 🙂 here is a little teaser from the next update, which comes in couple of days online! How do you like it? Its was very hot!!! I really liked to work with Lina on this scene, the connection…

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Video plus interwiew online :)))

Hello 🙂 ow are you doing today? I feel little better, after the long traveling :))) Its really funny, because some years ago, I had not so much problems with the time changing like now

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I’m Back! 🙂

Hello 🙂 So after long trip, Im finally back at home… Little jatlaged, but anyway ready to make some changes!!!
Maybe someone of you think I was just making holidays and did…

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Hello Dears! If you missed the last WEBCAM SHOW, you can watch it online here: https://www.littlecaprice-dreams.com/chat/little-caprice/ And don’t forget, today 10:00PM CET is my LIVE CHAT…

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