Hello my dears 🙂 How are you doing? Im enjoying the last free sunday, for long time, as from tomorrow is starting our autumn working marathon again!

Tomorrow, we are driving to Prague, and going to produce some hot new content for LCD, with the new beauty Mia Casanova 🙂 Im so excited! After that, we are flying to Mikonos, Greece, for something secret 😛 More infos later 😀 And after, is the amazing Erotic expo in Innsbruck, as every year, and than Venus Berlin! Its going to be hard month, but so many cool stuff, which Im really excited about.

Most of it, Im excited from Venus Berlin, as we got a nominations! Both of us, we are nominated for the best Actress, and best Actor 2018! Yaaay! Cross your fingers guys, I want to win a next award :))) https://www.venus-berlin.com/red-carpet-feeling-bei-den-oscars-der-erotikbranche/

And for all active members who come to visits us at the Venus Berlin, we have a special present for you! Just come to our booth 🙂

For all my fans in Austria, don’t miss the Innsbruck expo! https://www.littlecaprice-dreams.com/events/

We are going to make show with Marcello together, and some solo acts, so there is much to see!!!

So 🙂 Last thing… How do you like the new scene with Sicilia? Its 3rd part from our Barcelona adventure, and for me, is one of the best threesomes here at LCD! Let me know your thoughts 🙂

XOXO Yours Caprice and Marcello