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    Marcello Bravo

    BERLIN — Explosive camera flashes struck the Ionian columns rising mightily from the neo-classic façade of the Meistersaal, wildfire sparks ricocheting from the gossamer gowns and crisp tuxedos below, to glint upon the historic concert hall’s engraved name in the frieze above. It was time for adult’s biggest night in Europe.

    Hosted by the legendary Rocco Siffredi, the inaugural XBIZ Europa Awards summoned a mythical gathering of gorgeous superstars, business moguls, ambitious entrepreneurs, digital media kingpins, pleasure products royalty, movie sharpshooters and veteran webmasters to bask in the incandescent spotlight like never before.
    Like the yearly XBIZ Awards in L.A. and XBIZ Cam Awards in Miami, this newly incarnate ceremony would raise the bar beyond the industry standard, to elevate every sector of the biz with hard-won honors and glory.

    As the gathered power players swaggered, strutted and marched across the sable marble of the lavish Meistersaal entrance area, staccato blasts immortalized them from a dozen angles whilst photographers scurried madly to harvest slices of history for future galleries.

    They cast flaming splashes with every blink of the lens, bathing attendees in luminous beauty as they ascended a majestic staircase and navigated the moodily lit foyer.

    Onto the red carpet they sauntered, posing for eager videographers and stills hunters against a backdrop that proudly displayed the sponsor logos of Erotik.com, Private, Satisfyer and Marc Dorcel.

    Gliding effortlessly from the scarlet path, the celebrants whirled and laughed as they jostled towards the distant bar in the salon with its promise of intoxicating sin.

    High windows swung open to admit the evening breeze through velvet curtains, swirling about dresses and kissing sweat-beaded skin with blessed coolness, for the smoldering heat of closely pressed bodies so seductively garbed turned up the heat.

    Drinks splashed into glasses, friends clasped one another in joyful greetings and soon the multitudes swarmed into the concert hall through large French doors, where the grand event would transpire within the hour.

    The wooden coffered ceiling bore inlaid gold cornicing, chandeliers dripping from the cavernous upper reaches like glowing stalactites to intimately light the crowd below. Rows upon rows of seats enshrined black-clad VIP tables overflowing with hard liquor and juicy mixers, each one filled to the brim as hundreds stormed the hall to test its max capacity.

    At last, darkness fell, as did a hush over the audience. The main stage, lorded over by a massive screen that would play host to eye-catching imagery and movie footage, welcomed Alec Helmy in his black tie regalia.

    “I’m the founder and publisher of XBIZ,” he intoned, once the applause died down. “Since XBIZ is an American company and this is our very first European awards show, I wanted to take a minute to say a few words.

    “Firstly, I want to thank all of you guys for embracing us, and giving us the privilege to recognize all of your excellent work,” he added. “You guys mind if I take a photo of you?” Cheering him on, the audience assented, and Helmy took a selfie with the sea of shining faces arrayed behind him like peacock feathers. “Now, please join me in welcoming our legendary host, Rocco Siffredi!”

    The studly Italian Stallion waltzed onto stage, dapper in a bowtie and tux, and the hall echoed with thunderous acclaim.

    “I want to make a bit of an introduction,” Siffredi began. “First of all, I want to say I’m very honored to be here at this show, with XBIZ moving all the way from America and coming here in Europe to support us.” Clapping ensued.

    “It’s good for freedom and it’s good to be recognized as a professional for all that we do,” Siffredi continued. “I always say that what we do is art, and I believe it now today more than ever. We all work as professional people. We don’t just do sex for ourselves, but mostly for the people who watch us. This contains for me great worth. Now, let’s get to the porn!” Laughter broke out.

    Finally, we have here what they have in America, a real awards show, like the one they have in L.A.,” he said with a wolfish grin. “But what’s crazy, what’s really outstanding, is with the XBIZ Europa Awards, we have everybody from Europe under the same roof … every sector of the adult industry … to honor you, the best performers, movie producers, sex toy makers and technology companies together.”

    He steepled his fingers and gazed at the audience, passionately declaring, “Let’s say the truth … we give people a better sex life!” Everyone voiced their hearty agreement.

    “I recognize many friends and colleagues in front of me tonight,” he said, scanning the expectant gazes before him. “And some of you, I haven’t fucked… er, worked with yet.” Cackling and guffaws rang out. “So many wonderful people are here, people like Amirah Adara, Mike Angelo, Lutro, people who I work with very often and they always give 110 percent. Always more. And when I ask them why they do this job, they say, ‘Rocco, because we do what we love!’”

    Standing tall, Siffredi said, “Now, are we ready for the show?!” They were, judging by the volume of excitement.

    First up was Hardcore Site of the Year, presented by two striking blondes — Ella Silver in a sparkling silvery dress that trailed behind her, and Quincy, whose generous cleavage bounced enticingly from her stylish red dress jacket. The winner? Porno Dan Leal’s very own ImmoralLive.com!

    Decked out in a Mafioso pinstripe suit, Leal jumped onto the stage and seized the award from fire-maned Jia Lissa, the official Trophy Girl for the XBIZ Europa Awards, whose beautifully designed black outfit hugged her physique.

    “Thank you very much,” roared Leal. “I moved here from America a little over two years ago, and when I came here, I had a dream that I could grow my company and get acclimated to Europe. I didn’t really know it would happen and I want to thank every single person, especially my business partners at Gamma, the talent agencies like Brill Babes, the people who work for me like Chad Rockwell and Dean Van Damme and all the great models … Cherry Kiss, Kesha Ortega, so many of the amazing women. You guys are awesome. You all make it happen. I just want to say thank you Europe for accepting a crazy American like me and, god bless!”

    Exotic starlet Luna Corazon next presented Best Sex Scene — Glamcore, which went to Little Caprice and Marcello Bravo for their work in “Gaping My Husband’s Boss” (Tushy). The adorable real-life couple made a handsome pair, as Bravo rocked torn dark blue designer jeans, a black tux coat and bowtie with no shirt, showing off his muscled torso, while Caprice was spellbinding in her silky dark garb.

    “Oh my god guys, I can’t believe it’s really happening!” Caprice said, teary-eyed. Bravo chimed, “Yes, I say thank you to JulModels, and thank you XBIZ!”

    Later, as they sat down, Caprice recorded a behind-the-scenes snippet, where she gushed, “I just won my first award ever. I’m just… fucking… I don’t know what to say, I’m fucking nervous. Thank you!”

    Corazon then announced the winners for Best Sex Scene — Gonzo: Texas Patti, Antonio Black and Joss Lescafe for “Big Black Cock 3” (Private). “Thank you so much, I didn’t expect this, that I’d win tonight,” said the radiant Patti. “I’m a little bit nervous. Thank you so much, it was an amazing scene, so thank you!”

    Allie Eve Knox and Janice Griffith followed in their mouth-wateringly alluring lingerie-like ensemble, to present Clip Performer of the Year to findom The Only Theodora, #TheManipulatrix whose goddess persona so often brings men to their knees. They also revealed PornDoe Premium as the winner of Paysite Company of the Year, much to the delight of its visionary leader Gian Carlo.

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