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    I love the Caprice scenes shown so far, but I was expecting something different. Her choice to go interracial was exciting, but it always ends up the same way.

    I understand the need to always have a scene with Marcello in it, but it gets boring too quick. I paid for this site because I thought I would see something different, which I have, but I can’t help but feel bored with Marcello in every scene. I thought I would see Caprice explore a completely different side, but its become too cliche with Marcello joining in on every scene and we only get to see Caprice with a different guy very rarely.

    Seeing Caprice without Marcello is what I want to see the most, some variety with her scenes, but since she works with him every scene, I can’t help but be disappointed.

    Does anyone else feel the same way?


    Hey Night,

    I’m not bored, and I don’t want to see her with other men unless she’s following one of her own dreams, like she did with Sensi. For me, sex with someone you met ten minutes ago is boring, and the things she does with her husband are much more intimate and interesting. Also, seeing her with her husband does not make me jealous, or envious, or worried. I trust Marcello. These other guys… not so much 🙂


    Hi all
    I am not bored to see Marcello and Caprice enjoying sex, as lovers.
    It’s true that I love to see Caprice having sex with other man in front of Marcello or before he joins the scene. And I would love to see her having sex with 2 men before Marcello joins.
    Last, If I may bring a critics, I would say that I would like to see more unexpected or not common scenes, with swingers (why not three couples?), three men with Caprice (including Marcello), three women for Marcello (including Caprice), …
    With love


    For me is Caprice only with Marcello the “REAL” Caprice and perfect. Sometimes with a second man or with woman is ok and hot. But the best scene is alway “in love with Marcello”, like the old times :-))

    Marcello Bravo

    🙂 🙂


    I have to agree with the others. I am here for seeing Caprice and Marcello. The intimacy and passion between husband and wife is something that other porn will never have. Their connection is pure and it heightens any moment with them.


    I agree with djrocca and the ones before…. I really like that you are taking this to another level. Keep following your heart and keep this forum alive even if there is no much going on, I am happy to help if I can. Having a strong foundation as is a couple and expand from there is so different for the porn scene. Congratulations!

    Little Caprice

    🙂 Thank you guys…. Im really happy we are realize it all… even is not always perfect, but its impossible to make everyone happy… 🙂 So, I will just keep following my hearth, listening to our members, so please keep going with all comments, positive or negative, and we will keep bringing this website to another level. I really love all we do, even its being sometimes hard… 🙂 Thanks a lot to all and keep with us!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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