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    Hugo Bass

    Just watched the trailer of the upcoming scene for with Teanna Trump Autumn Falls and Marcelo..First of all Marcelo you are a lucky man you have the most beautiful woman on the world the one and only Caprice and then you having a great scene with two other gorgeous ladies..I want to ask Caprice were you on set when Marcelo shoot with those two wonderfull ladies..? Can you share you feelings watching this.? I’m so happy to see you guys shooting with other people more often and to see you enjoy this..Is this the start of greater things to come.? Only time will tell.. Oh Caprice your scene with Mick Blue it was pure fire with sexual tension.. Keep it up guys and keep sharing 😉


    I like it too that Marcello and Caprice shoot with other actors. i think the partner is on the set when they have sex and after ending they have real fun together. 😛
    They are both great, friendly, sweet. met them at the venus and in vegas at AVN, that was awesome.


    Similar to Hugo Bass and karate1006, I also get excited seeing both Caprice and Marcello performing with other actors. They are quite the “Super Couple”!

    Little Caprice

    Hey guys 🙂 yeah Im glad ypu like our “solo” performances 🙂 to my video with Mick: omg I really love it. The lighting, the atmosphere, and of course Mick 🙂 It was great to work with him, I think I have a thing for an Austrian guys lol 😀

    About the Marcello scene… well, it sounds great to watch him having sex with this two beauties, especially Tianna.. but I was not on the set. For Vixen is different. They shoot the whole day, with all the fashion and stills… and there is so much people arround, so I better stay at home, and the same him when I shoot with Mick. Mikonos was different, we were all in one house, but in LA is simply different. But I think is good too… we can enjoy our scenes 100%… we were both nervous to work alone, and be on the set alone, but as soon as we were in action, we enjoyed it more than 100% 🙂 but dont worry, as soon as he get home, he got a dinner and a sexy servis from me 😉 a perfect wife :)))

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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