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    Little Caprice

    Hey Guys, 29th May, we are invited to the Cats Club in Munich, Germany, for a Couple Night 🙂 I’m very excited, because I love to go to the swinger parties. 🙂 I hope it will be as good as the last one! And, you will know it for sure, because this time we will take our cam with you, and we will shoot a report to show you, how the club looks.(Of course, without guests)
    We will give to the club a points, as before, and if you are guys from Germany, and want to join this special event, I will be happy to meet my fans there! But guys, is for couples only 🙂

    Here is the website

    Little Caprice

    Hey my dears, as you know, we have been testing another swingers party, this time in Munich in Cats club. They did invite us as a star guests, for a couple night. I will try to give you a little review about the club and a party itself. Well, honestly, I’m not a club fan, I always prefer private parties, but I must say that this club surprises me a lot. First of all, we went to the club before the opening hour, to see the location and do a report, which you will see soon online at our website. It was nice introducing, the boss asistent explain us all about the location, and showed us around. We started in the main floor, where a bar is, also a buffet dinner, and a big sofas, to drink a bit and warm up. In this floor is not allowed to have sex, only getting know each others, which is nice, especially for the beginners, because it can be shocking to come to the club and see people fucking already on the bar 😀
    Than he took us to the next floor above the bar. I can’t explain every single room, because the club is really huge, and every room is different theme, so everyone can have fun wherever they want. There is for example a wellness room, where is sauna, massage table, or a relax zone. Than, my favorite fetish room with all kind of fetish or BDSM furniture, which I like very much! The other rooms are prepared for all. One you can even lock, to be alone, and other people can watch you only, thru the holes in the wall.I must say, there was a towels, paper towels, condoms and a containers for the used ones everywhere, to keep the place clean and safe. Which is great. To see more about the rooms, you must watch the report, its really a lot. 🙂 The next floor, which was a surprise for me, is a music dance club, with another cocktail bar, a DJ playing dance music, and also, some rooms to have fun. In this club is all allowed, you can even have sex on the dance floor… Very nice idea, and it gives the club many possibilities for the visitors. So, the location is very nice.

    Let’s move forward. After this introducing, we went back to the hotel, to make us ready! The dress code in this club is DRESS TO IMPRESS. Well. I choose a little black ones, with a nice high heels. Marcello black trousers, and white shirt. So, elegant, but not too overdressed. We went to the club. There was already many couples, And I must say, it can be a little shocking for beginners, as there is a mix of all kind of people, from 25 years old, till to the 80 years old. Which is completely fine, for us because age is no matter, important is to have fun, true? For me was interesting, how the people choose their outfits, some of them were really interesting..If I will have a club, I will be more specific, in what they should wear or not, but is a question of taste. 🙂 But all in one, the visitors were very kind to us, they were all swingers, so most of them hold the rules, where no is no, don’t touch someone who don’t want it!

    For me was really cool, because I guess every single couple had sex that night! If together with someone, or just alone, this is not important, but it was cool, that all was there for the same reason lol 😀 As I sayd, for someone can this be shocking, but I liked it 🙂

    Well, lets go for the points:
    Location: 10 points
    Audience: 8 points
    Atmosphere: 10 points
    Organisation: 10 points
    Dresscode: 4 point – Some people didn’t get the motto Dress to Impress, so I would more specify, what is good and what is too much 🙂
    Program: 10 point
    Music: 10 points
    Drinks: 10 points
    Food: 10 points
    Towels: 10 points
    Discretion: 10 points
    Privacy: 3 points. There was no possibility to be completely alone.

    So, for more info and in case of interesting visit the website for more info!

    Marcello Bravo

    Swinger club Tester on tour Marcello Bravo & Little Caprice

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