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    Marcello Bravo

    LOS ANGELES—Czech porn stars Little Caprice and Marcello Bravo celebrated a pair of new award wins in Athens, Greece, where last week they were invited to appear at the Erotic Arts expo, which is the largest sex show in Southern Europe.

    Little Caprice won Best Actress 2019 EU and the duo toasted the trophy for Best Membership Website 2019 EU for The star couple was also the subject of local news articles.

    “We were so happy about it because we work so hard everyday,” Bravo told AVN. “We do almost everything that has to be done for a production company—we edit, direct, come up with scenarios, do model booking, promo, upload the updates to the website and and more. But our biggest plus is our love; we trust each other, respect each other and this is after seven years together. We believe when a relationship is perfect we can be much better in the working life.”

    Little Caprice agreed, and gave a sneek preview of their busy schedule in the weeks to come.

    “Well in the next days we shoot for two days in Czech; Marcello will shoot three scenes without me. After that we are the faces of a big swinger party in Münich, Germany, and then directly we fly up to Belgium for a big erotica expo where I am the face of the expo and Marcello will do some shows there!”

    She said that they are working on adding new content to their website, too.

    “At the moment we have more than 200 scenes with more than 50 models online,” Caprice said. “We have now many new free trailers on our website and we create some new series called: #povdreams, #CapriceCasting, #VirtualReality, #WeCumToYou, #TrueStories, #PrivateSnaps, #Pornlifestyle and coming soon—#Xpervo.

    “Also we have some auctions where members can get some stuff from the scenes we shot—like butt plugs, lingerie and high heels. Also our members can create scenes and be a part of our website. We guess this all makes our website special and different than others. It’s the porn lifestyle!”

    Hugo Bass

    I’m really happy for you guys..You totally deserve those awards..Damn have past seven years ? Time runs fast..Marcelo are those three scenes for your site only or on others aswell ? Also i just watched Caprice with Marley and Alex scene for vixen and it was awesome..It was this the last scene for Lansky or you have shot more for Lansky while you were in the USA ?

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