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    Here we go,
    I even made a drawing 😉 (it is at the end)

    Caprice walks in a fancy reception room (can be from a hotel, an office, a restaurant). She is quite sophisticatedly dressed with high shoes, skirt, blouse, necklace. The Scene starts with the camera focusing on her feet, following her a few meters and then slowly moving up in her back until we can see over the shoulder the gentleman she has an appointment with.
    Caprice greets the Gentlemen and takes a seat in a sofa or armchair with no obstruction for the camera to be able to see her crossed legs. (open angle)
    It is a kind of business meeting that Caprice knows being boring and she is right: after a few words the sound of the Gentleman’s voice is blurred away and she starts to think about the next opportunity she is going to have sex (can be represented by a short flash-forward or flash-backward after which Caprice gaze get lost in emptiness). (closed angle on Caprice face)
    She get interrupted by the gentleman asking if she is really listening. (closed angle)
    Caprice says “I am sorry… yes?” and start listening the gentleman again.
    After a few more sentences, again Caprice get bored and she looks slightly in another direction and by her surprise she sees a lover of hers and immediately stands up and ask the gentleman to excuse her as she says that she needs to go to the bathroom. (open angle)
    Caprice join her lover and after a few words of Caprice saying that she is in a really boring meeting, she asks if they can go somewhere more intimate. The lover takes her to a room (convenience of the shooting options). She says that she need to have some sex right now to be able to stand through this boring meeting and start to kiss.
    Oral and then penetration with all or some clothes on in an angle that the camera can include the swinging of Caprices legs and feet (with shoes) at the rhythm of penetration.
    Option 1: The gentleman finds where Caprice is, enters and is first surprised and to avoid any complication with her work, Caprice invites the Gentlemen to join into a threesome.
    Again, with the Gentleman included, the camera angle includes Caprice legs and feet swinging but with other postures.
    After finishing, all three go out of the room smiling. (could include people seeing them quite surprised about the fact that they are so happy)
    Option 2: After finishing the act, Caprice leaves the room with her hair a little out of order but with a great smile.

    Alternative: The Gentleman could also be a women, also classy dressed.

    Little Caprice

    A great scenario Mike! Well, which option is better? I have no idea 😀 Of course I like the nr.1, its very classy, but the option nr.2 is great as well…
    What other members thinking? What option is the right one?

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