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    The scene opens with a view above the trees, moving leisurely along as if someone was making a documentary video of the landscape. The camera is a drone and we never meet the operator, but we get to see what he accidentally sees as the drama unfolds…

    As the camera moves we see, quite far below, a swimming pool and Caprice is there rubbing lotion on her belly and inner thighs. I think a nice 2 piece swimsuit would be good for this part of the scene. She is unaware of the drone… but the drone HAS spotted her – and stops.

    From about 100 feet up, the drone moves its camera to put Caprice in frame, now clearly the visual subject of the video that is being shot. From outside the frame, Marcello enters the frame and offers to help with the lotion.

    The drone becomes much more curious now and starts to get lower and lower as Marcello teases Caprice’s inner thighs with a light touch.

    The scene cuts to the couple’s viewpoint, as they are still unaware of the drone… they have a little foreplay, but as the drone gets lower and lower (wanting to see more and more), suddenly Caprice says to Marcello “What’s that?” and points to the sky. They both look up at the drone and the scene cuts BACK to the drone’s view with both Caprice and Marcello stopping what they are doing and making it obvious that they see the camera in the sky.

    This is where it gets fun…

    Cut back to their perspective (camera on the ground, closeup of their faces as they look at each other)… Caprice gets a devilish little grin on her face and looks at Marcello for a few seconds… then whispers something in his ear that turns both of them on… big time. They both turn to face the flying camera (still about 40-50 feet above them) and Caprice stands in front of Marcello and starts to dance, slowly and seductively, hips swaying and hands caressing her breasts and female form – still in the bathing suit.

    The scene cuts back to the aerial view.

    Marcello moves in, and from behind Caprice, he comes in and kisses her on the neck while gently getting a handful of Caprice’s breasts, then reaching down to her lower belly where he teases here, and the anonymous onlooker, with getting into the lower part of her swimsuit.

    Still looking at the action from the DRONE, Caprice points to it and, to the surprise of the anonymous person operating the drone, she motions for it to come in closer… the drone moves in as she keeps waving it to come in. Marcello is now busy removing her swimsuit – and she removes his…

    Most of the scene is now done from the viewpoint of the drone. There should be some angles from time to time where there is closeup action of a blowjob or while he munches on Caprice’s pussy, where the drone can be seen. From this point the couple have sex on a chaise lounge. The positions would include… from the drone being overhead…

    1. Missionary – with Marcello leaning back a bit so we see all of Caprice’s form and face. She looks at the camera (now about 10 feet above) and seductively grinds her hips as if to milk Marcello of what he has to offer.

    2. Reverse cowgirl – again, from above – with Caprice leaning BACK against Marcello’s chest. As she grinds her pussy balls deep on his hard shaft, the drone looks down on the action and takes the time to slowly shift angles and ‘orbit’ the scene from a variety of positions, always full body. A cut to the couple’s perspective from time to time so we are reminded again that they are aware that someone that they do not know is looking in on them.

    3. Piledriver – looking not so much from above as from above and in front.

    During all of these positions, the drone is slowly moving in a cinematic manner that is in itself good photography.

    The final cumshot will need to be taken from both the drone and from the ground. This could be edited to show it first from the drone (might need to be about 5-6 feet away and to the side for this shot) and then from more of a closeup as an ‘instant replay’.

    The scene ends as Caprice looks at the drone, an puckers up to blow it a kiss… the drone takes off and the scene fades to black.


    The challenges…

    Drones make noise and they do not record sound. When the drone’s perspective is shown, it will require some music to make the video work. There could be some sighs and heavy breathing carefully mixed into the sound.

    When the shot is from the GROUND, the drone should be barely audible, but not too much. This means when the drone is CLOSE to the couple, the audio will need to be dubbed because the drone is going to be too loud.


    I would recommend a DJI Phantom 4 Pro. This drone is very stable, has a very high resolution camera that can shoot 4K at 60 frames per second and it can also shoot 1080p at 120 frames per second (slow motion cum shot?).

    Also, you will need to work with a good drone pilot. Depending upon what country you shoot this in (I know, I am assuming you will do it, but is this not a cool scene?), you will need to obey regulations that apply to drones.

    BTW, I am a drone pilot so I know this can be done just as I scripted it. It just needs to be done right. A slightly overcast day would be best since harsh sunlight is not a good thing.

    Your thoughts?


    Interesting scenario. I like the idea to see a passionate sex scene with Caprice (why not two couples ?) from a drone. I am not a lover of excessive zooming; I am sure that with a drone from “far” (5-10 meters?), a voluptuous sex scene is super exciting 😉


    Most drones cannot zoom. The Phantom P4 Pro has a wide lens on it that would require it to be about 10 feet away in order for the couple to ‘fill the screen’. I do not like zooming either.

    Another nice shot could be looking across the pool with a long lens, focused on Caprice and Marcello, with the drone in the foreground but out of focus since it is too near the camera on the ground.

    Thing is – I have never seen anything quite like this scenario. The turn on is the storyline. Here comes a drone that just stumbles upon a beautiful couple, and the couple decide to male love FOR the UNKNOWN person who is operating it. And, most importantly to the story… they GET OFF on it.

    I think it could be a first of its kind if they are willing to work the details out. I think it is very doable, but more complex than your average production to be sure.

    Little Caprice

    Dear Jimmy 🙂 I absolutelly love this 🙂 its something I never see, and I think it can really suceed to produce a scene like this… You are a dron pilot? Where are you come from? Will you be interested to shoot with the dron the scene by yourself? 🙂


    If Jimmy says no, I will train immediately to become a pilot 🙂


    I am flattered. I am in the southeast area of the U.S.

    Hugo Bass

    Jimmy if you accept the offer from Caprice and you actually shoot the scene for her i have a proposition for you..What if you show up on Austria , Czech or whatever the scene is about to shoot and said to Caprice : ” You know my dear my drone have broken but nothing to worry about i have a plan B” then i show up with 4 propellers 2 stick on each of my arms 2 on my legs and a camera glued on my forehead and present me as your drone..!! 😛
    Now seriously this is a brilliant idea unique and awesome if you guys pull that off..Another thing that is awesome is that a fan of Caprice will take part in one of her productions..
    Thank you Caprice for giving your fans such opportunities..You rock..!!! :*

    Little Caprice

    😀 Wow… Well what area exactly? Thats way too far, but as Hugp says, if you will be able to show up in Europe, that would be great, and I will be pleased to do this scene with you, as a pilot!!! Well the regular one, but Hugos idea is really spectacular :DD

    P.S: Im planning to go to Florida december this year… is that near to you?



    Florida is a few hundred miles from me. I drive there on business all the time. I am in Georgia.

    Florida is a large (long) state. Do you know the city that you will be visiting? I can drive to Tampa, Orlando, St. Petersburg easily. Miami… that’s about 11 hours away. A long drive. Panama City, Tallahassee and Jacksonville are also easy drives. Driving 400 miles is OK.

    Let me know the city you will be in (or cities?) and I will let you know how far it is.



    Do you know where in Florida you will be?



    I have a more detailed script that I can post if you want me to. Just let me know.


    Yes please !!!!


    Here you go… What do the exciting young COUPLE think?

    Eye in the Sky – A Tale of Fortuitous Voyeurism

    The scene takes place in an upscale area in which a back yard, in-ground swimming pool with a large deck area would be found.

    Opening shot –

    00:00 Scene fades in from black, with a shot taken from a drone as it passes over the top of very nice homes. This shot continues for about 30 seconds until, as the drone passes over the subject’s back yard, the drone camera spots a swimming pool with Caprice sunning herself as she floats in the pool. She is lying on her back and is wearing a very sleek and somewhat modest one piece black bathing suit with high leg cutouts.

    00:30 The aerial camera stops over the pool and slowly descends to get a little closer to the girl, who now fills up about 20-25% of the frame. Various shots of the girl, her eyes closed, as she listens to music. This is all done looking straight down as she floats peacefully on the surface of the pool.

    01:00 A shot from pool level, very quickly, shows that she has earbuds in her ears and, therefore, cannot hear the drone. Her eyes are still closed as she relaxes in the sun.

    01:15 The shot switches back to the drone, which now starts to descend even more, with the girl filling up 40% of the screen. As we see her relaxing on the float, we suddenly see someone enter the frame, swimming under water, a man, who swims up to the float and splashes the girl playfully. The drone raises up a bit now because the pilot is fearful of being discovered…

    01:45 A shot from the pool again – this time, the man (Marcello) is in the water next to the girl when he suddenly hears the drone and points to the sky and shows some anger. He tells Caprice that someone has been spying on her.

    02:00 He gets her to leave the float and they both swim to the edge of the pool and get out. This shot starts from the pool camera view, but shifts to the drone as they exit the pool. Marcello looks up at the drone, showing some disgust, and grabs a large towel to cover up Caprice’s body from the spying stranger (the drone).

    02:20 Caprice looks at the drone, looks back at her husband, and starts to get an idea that might lead to an exciting and unique sexual experience. She smiles coyingly at him and whispers something in his ear. He shakes his head “no”. She tries again. Still he says “no”. The third time is a charm. This ‘conversation’ can be from both ground and the drone camera but body language is important. It is important that the drone pilot see that something is going on between them. She sort of shakes her body as if to say this is just a little innocent fun…

    02:40 From the ground. Caprice says “Let me just dance a little bit for him (the drone)”. She drops the towel and starts to slowly dance in a very sensual and seductive manner. The drone looks on now (drone camera) and she motions for it to come in just a little closer. The drone moves in and sees her slowly dancing for the stranger who is recording this sexy show. Her husband is just watching, a bit reluctantly. Still from the drone’s camera, she turns to HIM and starts to try to turn him on.

    03:30 She dance closer to him for a while, caressing his chest and even reaching down to see if he is getting an erection under his swim suit. She turns back to the drone and motions again ‘come even closer’. The drone moves in quite close now. She kisses her lover’s lips and kisses him working her way down his neck. She stops at his nipples and gently rolls her tongue over them (this is from the ground camera and a tight shot, but always showing her face fully). She kissed him more and works her way down the midline of his belly where, reaching his swimsuit, and now in a state of excitement, he allows her to remove the suit even though the drone is just feet away.

    5:00 She proceeds to give her man oral sex. Her tongue licks the underside of his manhood and as she reaches the tip of his dick, her lips, puckered now, slowly engulf the head as if to conform to every single pore of skin and to give him the most pleasure possible. She repeats the action from licking him to taking him in slowly and lovingly. (This is shown from various angles. Some from the drone, but mostly from the ground with the drone visible in the background, but out of focus).

    8:00 He is now completely aroused and turned on at the whole idea of having sex with a complete stranger looking on. He gently lifts her head up to him from her kneeling position and kisses here deeply on the mouth. He wants his soul to merge with hers and his kiss is the only way he can express that desire. He walks her over to a chaise lounge that has a towel on it as well as one folded up at the base of it. He starts to remove her bathing suit, but she stops him and motions to the drone again to move closer and get a good view. The drone gets into position and she seductively peels off her suit, pausing just a bit before revealing her breasts and full nudity. She teases the drone. She really takes her time stripping off her bathing suit…

    10:00 The man takes control now and makes her lean back on the chaise lounge. He kneels at the foot of it and starts to first kiss her feet, then ankles. He stops at her knees and even kisses the back of her knees here. He continues until he is now licking and kissing her thighs and finally her clitoris. The drone camera is catching all of this from overhead as she spreads her legs, caresses her own breasts and nipples lightly as he pleasures her from below. The camera angle from the drone moves slowly, chaning angles ever so slightly to add depth to the scene…

    13:00 Now, he pulls her down a bit towards the end of the lounge chair and, kneeling, he enters her slowly and starts to move in and out. He leans back a bit so the drone (overhead) can see the penetration and her full figure from head to toe. She arches her back up to him, thrusting her hips to take him in, knowing the whole time that the drone is overhead and every now and then looking straight at it and smiling as if to say “I am going to make YOU, whoever you are, come too. Just wait.”

    15:00 From the drone, they change positions (fade is fine here) and now he is laying back on the lounge chair as she starts to get on top of him reverse cowgirl. This shot starts with the drone a little far away, over the pool, and as she gets him inside her, the drone moves in for a better look. The reverse cowgirl is where the girl really shows her sensuality as she grinds and rotates her hips on him. The camera is looking straight at her as she is over him facing it, then, she starts to lean back herself (as the drone moves to a higher position over them) and lays herself back on his chest, and continues to pump and grind her man (and the drone pilot) to near orgasm. (This is my favorite position to watch, so this will last about 3 minutes or so). The drone camera makes artistic slow passes over the couple now in a passionate coupling. At times Caprice wraps her arm behind Marcello’s head and brings him in for deep tongue kissing that is timed to the thrusts of her hips. It is as if Caprice is sucking on his tongue in time with her hip thrusts.

    18:00 Now, they change position again. She places her shoulders on the folded up towel at the base of the lounge chair (it was there for a reason…) and he straddles the lounge chair and lifts her hips up as he enters her in a sort of pile driver position. Her hack is arched, her legs are dangling DOWN (perhaps on the side of the chair for support) as he holds her hips and moves in and out. The drone camera catches all of this, again, in cinematic and artful grace. She touches herself from time to time, but mostly resists the urge to do so and lets the camera have a full view. She also makes eye contact with the camera numerous times, as if she is wondering if the pilot is pleasuring himself and near climax. This might be a good time to once again shoot from another perspective that shows the drone looking on.

    20:00 Finally, he pulls out of her and she grabs his cock to give him the last couple of strokes before he comes on her belly, and possibly face (she is still on her shoulders at the base of the lounge chair). He shudders as he ejaculates and she lovingly looks up to him and says “now… wan’t THAT FUN?”.

    21:00 Fade from this to both of them wrapping up in towels, shot from the ground, with the drone in the frame. They walk towards the ground based camera, holding hands, and one passes to the left and another to the right, while the drone remains sharply in focus, just hovering 4-6 feet over the pool. The ground camera stays on the drone as the frame fades to black.

    Little Caprice

    Wow guys 🙂 I havent been here for a while, and Im really immpressed by the detailed scenario. Well, we are coming probably to Miami only 🙁 but as soon as I know more, I will let sou know here, because I think that the only one who deserve to fly that drone is definitelly you 🙂
    It seems, that you have already experience with filming… is that true?



    I am a professional photographer. I have not done a lot of video, but I have done enough to know how things work, especially with the story being told. I am also probably older than you might think. Here’s a hint – I have been in the photography business for over 30 years. I have a good eye and a deep appreciation for beauty.

    If you look at my account here you can get an email address for me since it is my account login name. If and when we get into details we should probably do that more privately. For now, there is a decent chance I could get to Miami in December. The hard part is going to be…

    1. Finding a location that is private enough AND that is not too close to an airport. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration will let me fly my drone up to 400 feet high anywhere as long as it is not within 5 miles of an airport tower. I could always apply for an authorization but that takes time and I might not be allowed. Miami Beach (North Miami Beach and South Beach) is almost completely OK for flying as far as I can tell. Would you be able to find a location? I would not know where to start since I have no ties to the adult business at all. If you have a location, give me the address (use my signup email for that) and I can check to see if it is in a location OK for flying.

    2. Shooting a sex scene is something I have never done. And, to be honest, something I would likely do just one time. With every kind of photography there are things that insiders know about that make things work. You would have to help me understand what can and cannot be done and how long you are used to working for a scene.

    3. Will you be traveling with another photographer or know someone in the Miami area to work a second camera? That would help the project out a lot.

    Feel free to answer here. Eventually I think it would be best to use my ‘signup’ email. I check it every few days.

    This could be fun.

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