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    Little Caprice

    I would like to know, where did you see me for a fist time, or what was the impulse for you to start following me and my work? :))

    Jonathan E.H.

    Zum Ersten Mal sah ich dich, als mein ein bisschen jüngerer Bruder ein Bild von dir mir geschickt hat. Ich stand damals vorallem auf Blondinen. Aber seit mindestens 6 Jahren bist du meine Nummer 1! Das Bild war von w4b wo du nackt am Bahnhof “Praha Chuchle” posierst.


    ich habe dich zum ersten Mal bei X-Art gesehen. Das war das Photoset ‘One Fone Day’. Ich habe eben nachgeschaut und es ist von 2011 🙂 also ich bin schon 7 Jahre ein großer Fan von dir. Gleichzeitg dazu habe ich von dir und deiner Freundin Sabrina hieß die glaube ich ein Video in der Sauna gesehen. Das waren meine Anfänge und seitdem freue ich mich, neue Sachen von dir zu sehen 🙂


    It was a long time ago so I could be wrong, but I think it was with Woodman. There is still an active forum thread of you over there.

    I thought you were cute and liked your energy. It seemed like you really did like sex. Also, you were different from most of the other girls in the industry. A lot more down-to-earth and laid back, which is refreshing. Your interaction with your fans is why I stayed. 🙂

    Allan Tingey

    It was at the beginning of your career. I’ve always been interested in fashion photography, so when I got back to my office after lunch one day, I did a search on “yellow bikini”. One image that came up was quite nice, so I clicked on that, but it was a trick and took me to a porn site. Then my screen was covered with pictures of pretty girls, but the one of you was my favorite and it captivated me from the moment I saw it. Slowly, more and more pictures and videos of you began to appear on the web, and I realized that I was keeping track of you 🙂

    Hugo Bass

    Well this is hard to tell..When i’m thinking of you is something like a blank in my head on how i first get admired by your work like you know when you know one person you getting along together but you can’t tell when was the moment that make you stuck with that person either is friend or sexual relationship (at least for me personally)..The thing that i know for sure is that i was very excited when MetArt release a photoshoot with you and Melissa( ) or when you made your return on Woodman (even if nothing happen in that casting ).So the point is that it was somewhere little before then but when exactly i can’t really tell

    Marcello Bravo

    I saw you first time at the Venus Berlin 19.Oktober 2012, you work for woodman booth. You signed autographs and make pictures with your fans. I like from the beginning your cat eyes, your little nose and your dark long hairs and your jeans hotpans 🙂


    Xart. Marry Me Caprice was the first scene we watched. No turning back since.

    Stefan 1

    es war eher zufällig das ich dich getroffen habe. Ich war gerade auf einer Webseite unterwegs, wo man sich kostenlos kurze Pornoclips anschauen kann und habe unter den vielen Rubriken ( anal, lesbo, couple, black usw. ) auch eine Rubrik entdeckt die hieß Little Caprice. Ich fand den Namen total schön und habe reingeschaut und meinen ersten Clip von dir gesehen. Ich bin ehrlich…dein knackiger Körper, deine langen dunklen Haare, dein lächeln haben mich verzaubert…..und du hast mich irre geil gemacht 🙂 ich habe mir immer wieder Clips von dir angesehen und jedes mal war ich begeistert von dir. Das war glaube ich 2010 oder 2011. Ich war total verknallt in dich ! Natürlich wollte ich so viel wie möglich über dich erfahren und bin dann auf deinen alten Blog gestoßen. Ich war so froh das ich jetzt mit dir in Kontakt treten konnte und ich war super glücklich wenn du geantwortet hast…und von diesem Zeitpunkt an verfolgeich dich. Es hat sich sehr viel entwickelt in den letzten Jahren und heute bin ich froh ein Mitglied bei LCD zu sein !!!


    I was visiting a porn website and i found this photoshoot:,
    Later i searched your videos in Pornhub, Youporn, Xvideos, and i knew your work. When i saw them, i knew that you were different; i could see your works in X-Art and like erotic model. In that moment, six years ago, you became in one of my three favorite pornstars (with Tori Black and Faye Reagan; however, you always will be the #1). Fortunately i could contact you in your last blog and all social networks. Remember that i am historian and researcher, therefore i searched all casual info, photo or video about you.

    What do you think?, intresting, true?


    It started with Fucking Perfection on X-art and this was so nicely shot and you were so beautiful and classy that I started to follow your work. My wife and I love the variety of your work and the way you stay elegant and classy while obviously enjoying every experience. And we especially love how personal your new website is and that we can get to hear and see you even more.

    Little Caprice

    Wow 🙂 Im really impressed by all the comments guys… You know, I appreciate all my fans, and its really nice to read all the nice words… My work is my passion, and Im really grateful to share all of this with you! Thank you for your love 🙂 XOXO

    Cédric Bonnouvrier

    The first time I discovering you was in 2011, when I start university, with a picture without your name on a french website : Bonjour Madame. The second time was the same year, a little later, when I search some pictures of Brno Petrov and find you posing in front of an old gothic gate near the cathedral (picture by stefan grosjean). After that, I make some research and find your topic in the Pierre Woodman website the month you had your health issue, and I remember I pray for your recovering. I fall in love with your angelic face and your delightful upturned nose. But, it’s with one picture from the sweet pleasure gallery in Joymii that I decided to follow your work, subcribing to your first blog and today to your website. I am not normally a fan of porn but with you, it’s a true art, I like all your poses, each more sensual than the previous ones, and with an artistic research 🙂


    Dear Caprice
    My name is Constantinos Nicolaidis officially, but my second name is Noah and is my favor name that I love to hear others call me as such. I am 55 years old men and I am a retired Marine seaman officer. I worked 20 years at sea on cruise ships (passenger ships Luxury that travelling around the world). I do have travel around all the world from North pole to south pole and I have see many place in The American continent In Europe Continent in Asia Continent Africa Continent and Oceania Continent – It was one dream that become true working and see the whole world, talking with people of different nationalities and different cultures. It was an adventure that it started since I was 18 years old On 7 march 1981, a freshman on board among unknown persons to me travelling around. My very first night into my cabin alone was a terrifying experience but it was too late to step back. On the next day I was visited the hairdresser’s room to cut my hair and put them in shape. They were two Irish girls 19 and 22 years old that they were welcome me in and treated me well. I was with white uniform and with a single stripe of cadet. I was the youngest boy on board ,because all other men were from 29years old and above. They become my very best friends for a long time. I love to do friendship with beautiful and open-minded people. They and I we did a lot of trio sexual activities plus orgies. I lost them in on one wreckage of ship unfortunately on 1988, I was serving an another ship then. My grief was great. I met a lot of girls in my life. I got a relationship with a Russian lady on 1996 and we got married on 3 march 2004. She was a bi female and we had a lot of beautiful adventures. One day she asked me a divorce. She got a new life with our best women. I respected her decision and I left her to go free and happy. It was not an easy decision. I felt empty and alone with the literal of the word alone. Then I tried new interest and lifestyle but I was feeling empty .I Shaw you first time in Pierre Woodman video production on the website of Pornhub. You were in a room with a bed and a plantation on the pot in a nearby. You were in sensual mood touching yourself at start and then come a new guy that approached you and you bend on your knees and you took him blow job and then you did sex with him and then suddenly you received anal sex. you made me seeing you an masturbating for you. I didn’t knew you before. It was the first best impression that you gave me. I tried and found new videos with you and then I become more interested in you. I learn your name and Marketa Stroblova and then I started to be a follower of you and then I learned that you got married Marcelo and you perform together very good and your website and your filmographies become my favorite. Sorry for my long comment

    Little Caprice

    🙂 I like all your answers guys… Im really thankful I have such a fans… each of you has a live story, interesting personality, and Im really glad to know more about all of you! Cedric, and Noah-I love your stories, Cedric, those photos are very old, but The Petrov Cathedral is one of the most beautiful places in Brno 🙂

    Noah… Its so interesting to read about your life… You had a unusual job, and I love specially the part with your adventures with your bi wife… if you like, tell me more, maybe an example from your experiences? 🙂 Im very interesting to hear some story!

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