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    I do not have any objection to describe you, part of my life that attract your interest of me to you (yourself and Marcelo), but some more interesting parts I do not want to expose them publicly here. I am so sorry, it will be like as much as exposing my my ex-wife and my sexual partners in forum. So… I will give you my e-mail: so you can ask me any details or any questions of yours( yourself and Marcelo) for yourself for your eyes only. Thank you for your understanding.



    Hi, Marketa, my name is Vladimir, I wanna say you thanks, by this trip of your piece of life, piece of your heart. I am glad to see you of Hall of Fame of this art. I have seen more of your videos ( from 15 years, now I am 24 ) and I am of the greatest fillings about this chance to enjoy and see your full grace, charisma, sexuality and sweet verbal communication, in our age. I see in you, more then another peoples in our alredy cyber age, by this 10 years of your job, I get seen your rise and fallings and I very like this life trip. Now I am in Amsterdam and wanna try one of the part of your life and get a escort from Taylor Sands ( now I know more about your world and know how to embody dreams to reality ). I have been in Czech Republic and if really, w with you, light in Prague streets are more brightly. Thank you for intervention in my life, my queen.



    Hi, Dreams. Have a question. Why doesn’t works a upload for a photo’s in Do a scene? Or you have already enough persons for a Dreams. I wanna try myself by the look of the experts. I know Marketa, from the 2009-2010 ( she is the best pornstar and model as well ), I have a get seen another pornstars from Dreams before, by the videos and photos, wanna say, you have a good team, more like the taste of your team, have russians ( that great, really ), czech and slovakian girls who already get some experience from Caprice before, dutch and latvian girls asswell. My facebook is Vladimir Sokolov, 24 years, if what my email address is, reply me, I will sent my photos. I am hetero.

    Your Harodream



    MET Art and for a long time I didn’t know you did porn LOL.



    Hi Caprice and Marcello,I first found both of you on X-Art and purchased two years of content because of you. Caprice, you are the only person my wife says I can have a “Hall Pass” (sex without her being mad) with you. I reciprocated by telling my wife she could fuck either of you or both together.

    You make us happy. Would love to see more We Cum To You videos and would love to see a double penetration video of Caprice with two different men while Marcello watches from a chair.

    Love you two!




    I first saw you on tv. It was late in the evening and the adult commercials were on. It was about some number you could call. But you were waving with your phone and did a little striptease. After some searching i found your name. Must have been about 10 years ago or so. I was around 19 at the time



    More I like this “little”, “sweet” war with Megan Rain, that was nice years, aggresive and painfull stimulator for your fans, thank you!!!



    Ho Caprice, I saw you for the first time about 5/6 years ago in a very exciting video with the Other boy-friend, before Marcello. This guy had a striped shirt. You blowed him then you fucked but the thing I remember better is that he shot on your face and mouth but you collected his sperm in a scoop and then you ate it all.
    I suggest you to Reply scenes like this more often, you’re a great blower(; and also anal
    Why did you Break with this guy?


    Little Caprice

    Hey Scorfano 🙂 well, thats really a loong time ago! We were young, and the reason why we break up is just because we go both different ways in life 🙂 still friends by the way 🙂



    I saw you on HegreArt. I love fantastic pictures of beautiful women along with video, and Hegre has top notch photographers. I thought you were the most beautiful girl I had ever seen… Some of those photosets are still my faves to this day. I became a collector of your work. 😛



    My desire is to see a little caprice one day and have sex with her.



    I am not sure where, but it was the public train video. By far the most beautiful face and expressions.



    That’s a tough one. I have really no idea. Either on 1byday or any other DDF site or one of the preview sites like coedcherry.

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