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    Hi everyone, I love being able to being able to write scenarios and share them here.
    I am suggesting to make a scene in Nature and offered to make it in Tenerife where I live:

    C+M have been hiking in nature and make a small stop to drink water. Another hiking passes by, sees them, greet them and after walking a little more, he seems having recognized them. He turns around and says : “are you not C+M” ? . C+M look to each other and smile and say together “yes!?” . The hiker comes closer and they exchange a few words after which the hiker gets hard in his pants. C sees it, and show it to M and ask M in the ear if she can go for it. M agrees and C get closer to the hiker and begin to strike his dick under the pant and makes a suggestion: what if we enjoy having some pleasure just here right now?” Hiker just stays mesmerized. C takes down the pants and starts sucking the hiker, M joins in. After blowjob, C turns to get licked with one tongue on her pussy, one tongue on her tits and mouth.
    Different penetration scenarios using trunks of trees, rocks as support.
    Optional: another couple of hikers coming closer and all 3 have to put their cloths on really fast and have some complicity smile and laugher until the other hikers pass by.
    Possible to return to action or finish the scene there.

    Tell me what you feel

    Little Caprice

    Hey Mike! Thats a great one… I really like this scenario… but in our place is outdoor shooting already not possible, the weather getting really bad here.. So as soon as we are again in the warm nature 🙂
    But I was thinking, you can create a scenario, to which will fits the shoes… So something indoor, with your dream outfit which may fits? 😀


    Yes, warm outdoor of course. 😉 For next time you are somewhere warmer!
    I will work something out for the shoes and post it in a separate Subject.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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