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    Marcello Bravo

    Scene With Autumn Falls, Teanna Trump First Without Little Caprice.

    LOS ANGELES — Adult performer Marcello Bravo performed a sex scene for the first time without his wife Little Caprice for Greg Lansky’s AVN Award-winning Vixen imprint.

    The scene, titled “How to Be a Sugar Baby,” stars the Czech-born stud in a sizzling tryst with Teanna Trump—the Vixen Angel of the Year—and up-and-coming starlet Autumn Falls.

    A producer, director and actor for — a site he started with his wife about three years ago that has more than 2000 members — Bravo was nominated for Best Foreign-Shot Boy/Girl scene for his performance with Little Caprice in “Deserved Pleasure” at the 2019 AVN Awards.

    “Actually, I shoot just exclusive for my own company around 100 scenes in the year,” Bravo told AVN. “Since my wife got an exclusive contract for Greg Lansky I shoot one boy/girl with my wife for him and also a threesome and foursome.

    “It actually all worked very well and maybe this was the reason to give me also my first solo scene.”

    Bravo said when he first got the information about his first scene without Little Caprice — who was the February Vixen Angel — that “I was very happy and also a little bit nervous the evening before.”

    “I mean I shoot so many years and I did more than 100 live sex shows in front of the public and this is much harder than a sex scene because you have to get your cock up fast,” Bravo explained. “When you don’t the people are angry and want to get the money back for the entrance.”

    But even with all his experience doing live sex shows, Bravo admitted he felt an unusual way the night before his Vixen three-way.

    “I almost can’t sleep the night before the shoot. Unbelievable, but yes, honestly I was fucking nervous,” he said.

    “In the morning I got an Uber and the driver took me to the Hollywood Hills up in a big villa. My stomach got a little sick from the crazy Uber driver and the curves in the Hollywood Hills.

    “I thought, ‘Oh my god, man what’s happening with you? Calm down. It’s just a scene like you do for many years.’ I mean I had a great threesome with Tori Black and Little Caprice together [for Vixen]. This one can’t be more crazy. And I fuck in front of 10,000 people at the erotica festival. ‘So relax boy,’ I say to myself. But also when I thought about it all and then I feel my cock go up in the Uber taxi. So this was a great sign.”

    Then Bravo arrived at his destination.

    “So when I enter the villa and saw Teanna Trump and Autumn Falls in front of me I was blinded from the beauty of these super hot, sexy girls,” he said. “My second thought was, ‘Fuck, my wife is not here. I wish she could fuck these beautiful girls also!

    “So when I say ‘hello’ to Teanna she was really cool. She say, ‘hello,’ give me a kiss and told me that she is super happy to shot with me and can’t wait to fuck me. So we had immediately a good connection!”

    Bravo continued, “I mean I have a strong mind and I like when girls are kind of aggressive in a good way like Teanna. I know so many guys that when a girl says, ‘I wanna fuck you,’ they get shocked and run away. Not me. I like it and get more horny.

    “So than I say ‘hello’ to Autumn Falls. She kiss me also and look deep in my eyes; the connection was also from the beginning top, wow. I thought again my wife will love this hot beauty. Like a professional actor I took a shower and got ready to go.”


    Bravo said that prior to the scene director Laurent Sky told them, “All of you guys are amazing fuckers so give me all what you can! Fuck like crazy and never before.’ And yes, we did it.

    “When the scene starts and we kiss each other and the girls suck my cock I forgot all my nervousness and we all three rock the house. We fuck; we had passion and we give 110 percent!

    “At the end of the scene the director told us the scene will be amazing. We were very happy and fucked up!”

    Then Bravo called Little Caprice to tell her all about the day.

    “She was happy for me — and in a good way jealous — because she wants to fuck them both, of course,” Bravo said. “So thanks to Greg Lansky for the chance to show what I can do as a solo actor! Thanks to the super hot Teanna and Autumn Falls for the amazing scene and thanks to my amazing wife to give me the opinion to be a porn actor!

    “We love each other so much and trust each other 100 percent. Nothing can break us and in this way we have the best life in the world! Thank god to be in the sex industry.”

    Bravo is also a dancer and acrobat who has been booked for his artistic performances around the world.


    Hi Markus.
    that you were nervous befor the scene only shows that you are a human being and not a machine.
    That was a great scene with Teanna and Autumn and you. Go for more. Would like to see more scenes with you at Greg’s sides.
    When i saw your last scene pictures from your side i hope it would be “Deeper”, to see you at.
    A pity that you and Caprice didn’t win an AVN Award for your hard work last year but i think that makes you stronger.
    It was great to see you in Vegas at AVN and i had much fun with you and the other Vixen,Blacked,and Tushy-girls.
    C U in Berlin at the Venus this year again.
    Hope to see till then a lot of scenes of you with or without Caprice .
    Her scene with Mick was awesome. In that Lingerie she looked amazing. Hope she wear something like this at the venus.
    Have a great time and C U in Berlin.

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