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    Little Caprice

    Well well, dear guys, as you can remember from my interview with Lady Dee, I have mentioned one sexy story, from my private life, and you want to hear more about it… So 🙂 Are you ready?
    It was my B-day, two years ago. Marcello prepared for me the best B-day party, but I had no idea what kind, where, and with who…
    Two days, before my b-day, always when I have been alone, I started to receive a sms. The first was: ”dont ask me, dont answer me, dont speak about this when we are together, just do what I say. ” Well, I started to be very curious, but also very nervous, because I didn’t know, what the fuck he has for me… The next message was instruction: ”prepare your luggage for the day of 26th October, and be ready at 7:00 PM. In the luggage must be a sexy lingerie, black, the one I like most, high heels, sexy stockings, your favourite toy, handcuffs, whip and a massage oil.” Ok, this started to be very interesting, but I was a good girl, and we didn’t talk about this at all. When the day comes, In the morning has come a next message: ”Take a bath, wash yourself, shave, make your hair nice, put a make up and sexy dress on, take a blindfold in your hand and your luggage, and I will pick you up.”
    I was shaking, totally nervous, but I did it all and I wait. He comes, in nice suit, brought me a flowers, kissed me, and blindfold my eyes. Like this he brought me in the car, and we drove, I didn’t know where… When we reached the destination, he took my hand, still blindfolded, and brought me in a very nice baroque hotel room, where was very low light, he put the blindfold down, I couldn’t talk. He sayd: ”take the sexy lingerie, go to bathroom, put it on, all other stuff put on the table, and come back. So, I did. I come back, we are still alone. I was thinking, what a nice romantic place! And we are celebrating alone, thats sweet! I didn’t know, someone is waiting outside….
    I got a glass of very good champagne, so we cheer together, and than he sayd. Sit down on this chair. He took the handcuffs, and the blindfold, and he put it on me, hands behind the chair, so I cant move at all, and blindfolded me again. Uaaa I was already so turned on, as I though, he will play with me, so I got excited. But, he went from the room away. I just hear the door. In a short moment, he have been back. But not alone… What comes next, just blow my mind… I felt he is kissing me… and touching slowly my body… But, that I felt some more hands just touching me! I was shocked, because I couldn’t tell, how many they were… It was so intensive, I couldn’t almost breathe! My pussy was totally wet, and I start to feel, some tongue start to lick me… Well, I have my first orgasm…I just cant handle myself 😀 After I cum, Marcello took the blindfold down.. He says Happy B-day sweety, this is just for you 🙂 and I can finally see, that there are two other guys in the room! They says also, happy B-day, and I have already one cock in my mouth… All three guys were already hard as a stone, totally excited to fuck me all three! The next two or three hours was out of my mind…. I know only, there was some massage for me, three sexy handsome guys being there only for me, so I did enjoy this as never before! :)))
    Well, it was as never before, as I never had sex with three man… Marcello knows, I want to always try it, and he even know with who! It was not only random guys, he did invite a good friends of us, I wish always to have sex with both of them so… my dreams just came true, and I will never forget this celebration.
    It was really incredible!!! You know, a porn movie is one thing… but to have this kind of experience in a private life, with no cameras around…its differend story, as I really didn’t know anything what can happened!!! So it was definitely my strongest sexual experience in my life…
    How do yo like it? First, I was thinking, I will keep this experience just for myself… But than, I decide to tell you this, maybe some of you will take an inspiration, and prepare something similar for your wife? To be swingers is a lifestyle, it needs a lot of trust, and your relationship must be strong… but, if you get all this, your life became much more interesting, and i can promise you, your relationship will never get boring. 🙂
    XOXO Yours Caprice

    NightJaguar on May 4, 2018 at 12:46 pm (Edit)
    Very hot! It’s nice to have a partner that surprises you.
    If you don’t mind me asking, what were some of the positions tried? Sucking one while jerking the other two? Did you try a DP? Where did they cum?
    Also, I remember about two years ago making a suggestion about a birthday surprise with a blindfold and another man here:

    Marcello took my idea, just added another guy :p. Or maybe dirty minds think a like. 🙂
    Little Caprice
    Little Caprice on May 4, 2018 at 4:47 pm (Edit)
    🙂 you know why I didn’t write any more details? Because I knew, someone will ask about them 😀
    At the beginning, we were just switching, two guys and me, for example I sucked one guy, and the second one fucked me, in doggy, or missionary position… 🙂 Also, I did sucked one guy and jerked the other two… It was so many stuff to concentrate, I was little bit lost, didn’t know what to do first 🙂 But they did take care of all, so I just enjoyed the situation… We did anal too…. And … well, do you maybe remember, I told you, that I never did a DP in my life? This was because I was not sure, I will ever tell you this story, I thought I will keep it for myself… But when its out already, I will tell you… yes, that day, I did my first and last DP ever… 🙂
    NightJaguar on May 4, 2018 at 8:15 pm (Edit)
    WOW! I asked but didn’t expect a yes to DP. 🙂 What positions? Airtight, one in mouth, pussy and ass at same time?
    Yeah, I imagine it was difficult to concentrate. Fairly recently I had my first threesome, with two girls. It was fun and a great experience, but there is far more happening than with just two people. Next time, I’ll probably do better. You and Marcello have done so many, you guys probably got the hang of it by now. 🙂
    Allan Tingey
    Allan Tingey on May 5, 2018 at 5:22 am (Edit)
    Awesome birthday, but I agree… a petite woman who has sex with giants should probably avoid DP 🙂
    HEY_YOU on May 4, 2018 at 8:47 pm (Edit)
    Afraid to ask what did Marcella get for his birthday 🙂
    Marcello Bravo
    Marcello Bravo on May 4, 2018 at 10:06 pm (Edit)
    I get during the year nice sex with caprice, many times we shoot with other girls and also in the privat life we have always some swing action… Im the happiest man on earth 🙂
    Hugo Bass
    Hugo Bass on May 5, 2018 at 5:18 pm (Edit)
    WOW WOW WOW..I did expect from you to go wild but so far and beyond to tell you the truth i didnt expect that but i really enjoy reading it and i would love to watch it ( or even better participate 😉 ) ..After that there is so many i would like to ask but i will try to make it as short as possible and ask only a few..When you were having those fantasies it was also the DP on your top of your head or it was something that comes in the heat of moment ? Who make the first step does the guys push slowly towards to DP you or it was something you ask for ? You are saying that it was friends of yours how was first time when you meet up with them again ? It was awkward and a little bit of nervous laughing ? Did you enjoy the experience and you consider to make it on camera ? I have post a scenario that it is very similar with that experience of yours but no DP envolved and i think it will be a very very hot scene.. And for Marcelo you are a smart cunning as a fox dirty motherfu**er to plan all this and pull that off 😉
    Ruben on May 7, 2018 at 6:00 am (Edit)
    Caprice, you are awesome 😉 😉



    Was there anything like this, but with more? 🙂

    Hugo Bass

    We want our queen to get dirty.More like this plus one..!! 😛


    I agree more MMF, MMMF cuckold roleplay scenarios, IR

    Hugo Bass

    In the pic that i have posted you can see in our queens face the sexual overload in her eyes .. I would also love more like this..

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