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    I’ve always found this one fantasy hard to find and I’m hoping you can help.

    To set the premise:

    Men like porn, but many are in love with their wives or girlfriends so they only want to think about their significant other. Sometimes that leads to the idea of watching your beautiful wife / gf have sex.

    Could you do a solo video with a big realistic dildo where you talk dirty POV style about how its your fantasy, and you want to be watched by your husband? Think of it like you already have someone in mind and you want to get your husband into it so you can 1) fuck the other guy 2)Have your husband watch and 3)Maybe do this long term.

    So many people have a ‘watch your wife’ fantasy and I don’t see anything (porn-wise) that could lead a guy into it in a constructive, happy, loving kind of way. Absolutely no humiliation please. It’s about getting turned on, and your wife wanting you to want to watch her.

    I’d appreciate it, thanks.



    Quick add: Could you do it in dark lighting, if not at night? Too much porn is done under white lights with white backgrounds. Who the heck is having so much day-sex?



    Good idea, yeah big realistic dildo, Caprice mentioned that she would like to try private sex with a black guy so maybe this could be the desire with a big realistic black dildo

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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