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    A black male Patient is lying in bed in hospital gown. Caprice enters dressed in tight white nurse uniform with white stockings red high heels (Heels and stockings stay on throughout scene). She checks on his vital signs while writing notes on clipboard. She notices a bulge in hospital gown. She glances around and then lifts the gown revealing a large cock. Her face has a look of surprise as she looks around once more before stoking his manhood. The patient begins to stir although remains sleeping. After a few moments, she says “I wonder how big it gets” she puts him in her mouth. The patient wakes to her sucking his black cock. After spending some time on blow job, she straddles his face and makes him lick her. She grinds hard on his face shaking as her first orgasm makes her scream in pleasure. He moves on to cowgirl and she pauses saying “I’m not on birth control make sure to pull out” a look of pure pleasure is on her face as the size of his dick stretches her. She switches to reverse cowgirl and rides him hard as he slaps her ass and thrusts into her. She has her second orgasm as he pulls on her hair and fucks her from below. When her orgasm subsides he now takes the position of dominance on top. He fucks her hard lifting her legs on his shoulders as she screams how big and deep his cock is penetrating her. The man lifts her off the bed and fucks her while standing. He then bends her into doggy ass in the air (anal perhaps?) and slams her for a time before forcing her down on stomach as he continues pounding her from behind. He then yells “I’m going to cum” as Caprice says, “wait I’m not on birth control.” He finishes in her anyway as Caprice is lifted to one final orgasm by the feel of his spurting cock. Just what the doctor ordered. Roll credits 😊


    Excellent scenario Binder !


    Thank you Arnaud. Now i just keep my fingers crossed it becomes reality 🙂

    Little Caprice

    Wow 🙂 Thats a great scenario!!!!! I love uniforms, and I didnt do any scene as nurse….:) I think I must do a new poll, to let you guys choose a next custom video!!!


    I’ll be hoping I win. When the wife’s aunt flow is in town your my lover. 😉

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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