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    Hugo Bass

    Scene suggestion by me.
    Name : Hungry for more..!!
    As the first casting with Sensi went really well Caprice and Marcelo kept close contact with him because it was a nice guy also to hang out with..One day Caprice phone rings and it was Sensi he inform her that he is in town he complete a shoot and that he have some spare time before his plane departs for UK..Caprice totally excited that she will see her friend again invite him over.After few minutes the doorbell rings Caprice open the door and it is Sensi she quickly hug him and kiss him “I’m so glad to see you again” she said but to her surprice Sensi wasn’t alone “Oh let me introduce you two Caprice this is _____ (you fill the name of the guy) and its a fellow adult performer and a good friend of mine” Caprice smiles and welcome both of them in her house the three of them move over to the couch and Caprice shit between them. “Where is Marcelo ?” Sensi ask “He is in a poledancing tournament and he won’t be around for a couple of days” Caprice answer.As the three of them chatting suddently a flashback of black and white pictures of her first casting with Sensi come and go in her mind after a few her thoughts cut off by Sensi saying to her “Are you ok babe because you haven’t talk for a while” Caprice smiles her beautifull eyes went wider of the dirty thoughts that pass from her mind she bites her lower lip and said “how rude of me do you guys want to get you anything?” both of them answer that they were ok.Caprice take a quick look on both of them then she stands up and excuse herself for a moment.The two black guys talk for a while as they hear from deep “Are you guys sure that you don’t want anything ?” “No we good” they answer.After a few Caprice stands in front of them wearing a black lingerie and black high heels and ask them “Are you guys sure that you don’t want anything at all ?” the guys can’t speak to this beautifull view Caprice slowly walk towards them she sits on one guy cowgirl and give him a lap dance then she moves on the other guy in reverse cowgirl and give him a lap dance Caprice is having two black cocks at her merci.She grabs their hands and guide them to her bedroom happy of what is about to happen..The video pan out and when it returns we see the three of them in the bedroom Caprice is between them the guys is kissing her and touching her all over her body then she slowly fall to her knees to suck them both the situation quickly gets nasty the guys take turns filling her pussy and mouth on the bed in different possitions until both of them cum on Caprice gorgeous face..
    This is for your next poll my beautifull queen Caprice…!!


    You have my vote Hugo Bass !!!


    I think this will never happens, if Marcello is not in the scene, the scene will never exist !


    Marcello can always join in later! 🙂


    Gets my vote and the other black actor should be Julio Gomez


    I second … third … thirteenth … the support for Caprice to enjoy herself with multiple men. I cannot watch a group scene that includes Caprice in one go … I have to break them up a bit because I cannot finish watching a scene without jizzing several times.

    Thank you Marcelo and Caprice!

    Allan Tingey

    Silent movie…

    For me, the most romantic album I’ve ever heard is a selection of jazz by Diana Krall called Love Scenes. Some of the songs are quite lively, and others are very soft, but all are stories about love and romance. I’d like you guys to listen to it when you’ve had a lot to drink, and then choose a song you like and make a silent movie that goes with it. We’ll just buy the song and listen to it while watching you. I would like your movie to mostly be about love and romance, with a little sex in there too, so I’m thinking of scenes like walking on a beach in the moonlight, or a candlelight dinner for two on a roof top. There could be dancing and laughter when you are together, or a little sadness, perhaps, when you are apart, and you could jump back and forth between love making and just enjoying time together when you’re not making love.



    I mentioned this a while ago here, but it would be awesome to see Marcello and Little Caprice with a strapon DP a girl. 🙂


    Hi Caprice,

    Have you ever thought of doing a scene with two guys in front of Marcello? Almost like a cuckold scene? Would be really hot to see you enjoy yourself with two men in front of Marcello.

    Hugo Bass

    Nice scenario and after the two guys have finish then Marcelo join to serve another load on the sexy face of beautiful Caprice !

    Little Caprice

    :)))) guys this sounds really amazing 🙂 I guess, is time for some new poll, where you will wote for a new scenario by you! What do you think?


    Well, if there’s going to be another poll I would like to resubmit this scenario:

    The Camping Trip

    Caprice, Marcello, Mr. Big Fat Dick and Alberto are all friends and are staying at the same cabin. They’re sitting around the table enjoying drinks and each other’s company. Marcello says he’s tired and asks Caprice to go to bed with him. Caprice tells him to go their room and she’ll join him shortly.

    She ends up staying long and chatting with Mr. BFD and Alberto. The boys are flirting with her and she’s clearly enjoying it. Mr. BFD and Alberto stand up. Ready to go to their room, they tell Caprice how luck a guy Marcello is.

    Caprice doesn’t want it to end though. They’ve excited her too much. She’s nervous and double guessing herself. She summons up the courage though and grabs both of their crotches. “Stay”, she whispers and begins to kiss Mr. BFD. They smile at one another, then she turns and gives a big kiss to Alberto. The boys start to undress her, Alberto focusing on the top and Mr. BFD on the bottom. One kisses her mouth, the other her breasts. All the while Caprice is stroking them both. Eventually one of them uses his tongue to please Caprice’s pussy. She moans loudly with pleasure. She is so turned on that it doesn’t take her long to cum. She decides to return the favor, goes down on her knees and begins to suck the two of them.

    The loud moaning has awakened Marcello and he comes to investigate. He’s really surprised at what he finds. Caprice isn’t shocked though, figuring she woke him, and just invites him to join in. She then has her husband’s cock in mouth while at the same time pleasing the other two. The boys then begin to beat their cocks on Caprice’s lovely face. She stands up, and guides the guys over to the table. She lays down on it. Her husband goes inside her pussy, Mr. BFD is in her mouth and she is stroking Alberto with her hand. Every time Caprice has an orgasm they switch. They all make her cum.

    Caprice then moves things over to the couch. She lies down on it, and Mr. BFD fucks her. Marcello kisses his wife while she pleases Alberto with her hand. The men can’t hold it any more. Caprice jumps down and lays her head back on the couch cushion. They cum all over face, simultaneously.

    Everyone is just exhausted after that. They go to sleep right there, all smiling.

    Hugo Bass

    At long last the poll is back i’m so happy and excited..Should we write here the new scenario or make a new topic..?
    “NightJaguar” Nice scenario..

    Hugo Bass

    Caprice you should post it on your twitter we want the best scenarios ever..Lets make this next scene a legend masterpiece !! 😛


    Sex with Lauren Criste…

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