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    Guys, i like caprice and really want to support her, that’s the reason i signed up..

    but you dont even have her best scenes up.. any free porn site has better stuff of her available then what is offered here.. and i just paid 40€ for this?? this can’t be it?? i can`t believe this.. 40€ is a lot in online porn.. what you’re offering is simply a joke.. no offense, i’m just telling you how it is..

    i feel fucking ripped here having paid 40€ .. omg what a dissapointment :((

    on top of the poor content you’re offering a video of a threesome for 100€?? are you serious?? how obviously do you wanna rip off your customers here?? don’t you have any respect for fans who are willing to pay money to support you?

    i dont have words to describe what the fuck is going on here..


    Hi bananafever,

    They are taking a different approach with this, and I can see how it might have surprised you a little. The “best scenes” you mentioned were done by professional film crews and editors, and those videos are not here because she does not own them. On this site, they wanted to learn how things are done on the other side of the camera so they’ve just been taking it a step at time as they figure out how to do this. They publish whatever they create, even if they are not completely satisfied with it. It’s all a learning experience, and they are always asking the fans for advice and suggestions so we are part of the journey too.

    I don’t feel ripped off. The monthly rate may seem high, but the annual rate is very low, and it’s the same price you find almost everywhere. The 100 Euro show is the first time they’ve done that, and its just part of leaning the business. There’s no reason to be offended by it. If you think it’s not worth it then just don’t buy it and they will have learned something.

    I think you should give it a little more time. They’re nice people and it’s fun to hang out with them 🙂


    hey allan,

    thanks for taking the time to write an answer.

    i can see your point of view and i’m totally up for the new approach of selfmade videos and stuff.

    but for a regular dude who saw some caprice and wants to take the next step. support her and pay some serious money on this website here, it’s just not worth it..
    maybe the monthly rate is reasonable but lets be serious who wants to be a member of a porn site for 2 years??? 🙂

    i just think for people paying 40 bucks for caprice there should be at least all the professional videos she hase made in hd. plus on top of that some exclusive hd videos.. i think that’s not asking for too much…

    also 40 bucks for a month is kind of 4x times the fee of a regular quality porn site.. what is being offered here is simply not enough and you know i’m right mate !!!

    … the 100€ for the threesome might be a one time thing bla bla.. but it shows the attitude of the people hosting this site.. they are not interest in offering a fair product for the fans.. they wanna rip us off.. and you should not defend this shit!! we deserve better mate, we really do.. !!



    Hi all,
    I subscribe for one year, being a fan of Caprice. I am happy to be a member of this site and happy to chat with Caprice so easily.
    Is it expensive ? I don’t know…
    As long as she offers newness often (what means often?), I’ll be a happy member.
    Now for the “100€ show”, Caprice knows what I think about : for me, it should be free as it was at start. I hope it will be back free again soon.
    Peace and love


    Last comment : nowadays, let’s be honest, sex is free everywhere. Do you really know good sex websites where you have to pay for truly exclusive videos ?
    I don’t … except littlecaprice-dreams !
    Tell me if I am wrong


    ok, it is expencive. But i think, all we are here, we love Caprice. And, i hope
    in the future there will be more content. I think it is not good that you can not
    download the movies.For those who have a bad downwload rate or no flat rate (in
    Germany very often with LTE Internet) it is a big problem.And professional
    Movie Pirates does not keep it from copying. Please let us download the videos an pictures.
    But I still give Caparice a chance.
    I said it already, we all love her … :-))

    Marcello Bravo

    Dear Bananafever, its difficult to say what is expensive and what not, for us we have a fair price at our website! Our content is brand new and exclusive and you cant find them on other websites. For example soon comes a scene with a black man online, we have backstage and behind the scenes videos, and we do special webcam shows, caprice never did this and this is just exclusive at our website for our fans. Sometimes she do a free chat for you guys, and sometimes member have to pay, but this is just your choice! When im in your skin i never take a one month subscription. I take it for one year, its much cheaper 🙂
    About the threesome Livesex Show, its not expensive when i can watch some exclusive livesex show with 3 actors, can chat with them and give the some instructions how they have to fuck 🙂 Believe me there is no other side where you get all this thinks like on our website Greetings Marcello
    Ps: wait for your answer, please talk nice and with respect, we want to keep the ball flat 🙂 thank you

    Little Caprice

    Dear Guys I just came back to my site, and see this conversation. Well, Im appreciate all the suggestions you are giving to us, and to the Bananafever: You are saying that this website is a joke: I don’t see it this way. You are right in one thing… I did a lot of scenes for another production, for example x-art and all this high class companies.. as Allan sayd, Im not owner of the content, so its simply not possible to have them here, and that is the main reason I created this website. To start something by my own, to showing you more of my personality. We are starting from zero, with no any experience behind the camera, or how thinks works… we are fighting to be better and better with each scene we are producing, Im trying to listen to my fans, and getting better with what we are doing. There are people they like it, and people they don’t… both is fine. You cant never make everybody happy, and I’m sorry for you to feeling disappointed. Here are some members, who are with us from the beginning, so they know, how thinks are changing every month, and that we are trying to make the members as satisfied as possible. The point of this website is not to show only professional videos, as many websites do, but also private home made content, which you hardly find on another sites. Including communication with the members. The level is very high, and Im really trying to reach it, with this website, so thank you to all who are patience, and giving me the chance to grow…
    Well, what can I say more… Im offering also live chats or solo shows with the members, which are free of charge, and if we invite Yasmeena to us to let you watch our live sex action, with saying is what you like to see, and asking us questions we happily answering you, I think to pay for it 100 bucks its ok. there are not much events like this, which you can find on the internet, its exclusive, its live and its special, I never did this…
    The sad think is, that in this world, where you can watch almost everything for free, the people don’t want to spend any money for some extras…


    Continue Caprice, we love what you do here !


    Don’t let this get you down. Just keep getting better and better.

    The fact that you are here to even ANSWER people’s concerns is UNIQUE.

    You cannot please all the people all the time. If you try to, you will end up very unhappy since many people are bottomless pits when it comes to what it might take to make them happy.


    Marcello Bravo

    Thanks guys, and yes we getting better & better, wait for the new scenes with Sensi & Paula, for this we invest a lot of money and time and passion, to bring our fans something special 🙂 Greetins to all & also to Bananafever !!!!


    hi everyone,

    thank you all for taking the time to comment on my posting..

    to be honest i feel a bit ashamed about the tone of voice my inital posting was worded. i’m sorry. see i realize you’re all working to create something truly special here and i think it’s awesome.

    i just came home bit drunk and saw this new caprice website. and since i have been a big fan over a long time i initially had really high expectations and took the 40euro 1month offer.

    since i’m already owning all the x-art content and basically everything that was out there, it was a bit of a downer to see what i get on top of that for 40 bucks.. that’s all..

    however i realize this hole thing here is in the making and stuff you guys made for other brands like xart and so on cannot be showed here..

    i’d really appreciate it if you just gave me the option to switch my 1month abo to the more reasonable 1 year membership and i’m a happy guy 🙂

    i’ll take some time to fully check out all the content and offers you’re presenting here and then will write down a postive feedback trying to give my opinion about how to improve this project.

    good day everyone, brav bleiben, servas 😉

    Little Caprice

    Hello BananaFever 🙂 Don’t feel ashamed, you sayd your opinion, and it was not ok 🙂 Also negative comment make us growing, and don’t stay on the same line… every person has different taste, and I hope one day, as my big fan, you will love this site with everything what is inside… 🙂 Im glad you choose the way to gave us a little time… soon is coming out the scene with Sensi… Im sure you will love it :)))) Have a nice day and Im looking forward for your next opinions… and please- stay as honest as you are!!!! Kisses 🙂

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