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    Marcello Bravo

    wow little caprice is the first vixen angel in europa and the vixen angel of the months in USA:


    LOS ANGELES — The flaming crown of Vixen Angel ignited upon 2018 XBIZ Europa Awards winner Little Caprice’s silken mane, as Vixen Media Group boss and 2019 XBIZ Director of the Year (Non-Feature) Greg Lansky joined forces with 2019 XBIZ Female Performer of the Year Abigail Mac to host the elite monthly ceremony live on the company’s Instagram.

    Yesterday, Vixen tweeted out the impending Valentine’s Day announcement with a photo of Mac lounging regally atop a polished table, every inch the Queen decked out in Vixen-themed lingerie at the Lansky headquarters, as she held court with Adriana Chechik, Kira Noir, Vicki Chase and Teanna Trump.

    And as the day of Saint Valentine dawned, Mac began summoning legions of Vixen fans on her Twitter and Instagram, calling them all aboard the hype train for a wild ride to the Vixen Angel showdown at high noon, so they could whip those phones out like randy gunslingers. For months now, Mac has brightened each ceremony as the main host, affirming her elite stardom as is befitting for so upscale a brand as Vixen.

    From her Instagram, Mac said, “What is up friends? And good morning! I am headed to the Vixen office right now. We are crowning the newest Vixen Angel today … so make sure to come join us. We’re going to have champagne, we’re going to have goodies and we’re going to have a lot of hot girls, so I’ll see you all there!”

    A few hours later, dressed in a sexy red blazer, with heart-shaped crimson sunglasses draped from her seductive cleavage, as the massive Vixen walk-in closet stretched behind her, Mac said, “Happy Valentine’s Day! I am here at the Vixen office and … they have cupcakes, they have champagne, they have treats, someone brought in cotton candy, so we’re going to get a little bit of sweetness going on.”

    The video then cut to Mac panning around for a selfie that took in Ana Foxxx, Vicki Chase and Teanna Trump devouring snacks in the back, as a hilarious Valentine’s Day filter morphed her voice. “We just made beautiful cards,” she cooed. “Mine says, ‘Fuck me in the pussy fat!’ Haha.”

    Meanwhile, the Vixen Instagram showed a montage of the ladies dipping sticks into a cotton candy vat to gather fluffy pink swirls of the sugary sweetness, licking it provocatively and dancing. Cut to Trump beckoning the camera to follow her, with roses in hand that she dispensed to the ladies on the iconic gold sofa.

    Red balloons floated above, magnifying the already festive mood, and soon Mac descended on a massive stuffed unicorn. She hugged it, proclaiming, “This is my new boyfriend. I love him so much, he has a wonderful horn. It’s a little short for me, but it’s still, you know … size doesn’t matter, it’s how you use it.” She stroked the horn suggestively.

    At last, it was time for the grand reveal, as Caprice was announced as the newest Vixen Angel. Lansky toasted to her success, speaking into a golden mic as shiny as the sofa, before popping a bottle smooth as ice. He poured out the sparkling deliciousness, and the ladies rejoiced in the expansion of their angelic sisterhood. The sultry spinner beamed with happiness and glasses clinked, with much fanfare, as the crowd chanted, “Caprice! Caprice! Caprice! Caprice!”

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