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It was something new for me. Never have done anything like this before. I am a shy person, and usually try to avoid excess communication with anyone. I am not into sex, and it has never been my goal in life. Never had experience, and maybe I am even afraid of it. Always thought I am not worthy.
I’ve been stumbling upon some photos from time-to-time on the web of an actress that runs under a scenic name “Little Caprice.” The most beautiful woman I ever saw. I knew there is nothing that I can do for/with her. At least, that is what I thought until recently.
– Caprice!? If you are reading this, I would like to apologize. I’m sure, you receive a lot of compliments, and mine are probably not going to mean much, but I have never envisioned you as a “sex object.” I will always see you as the most attractive, charming and confident woman. Your eyes and smile are reasons why men would change the entire world just for you. Thanks to your confidence and passion, I started to appreciate myself. Fact that you even talk with your followers, deserves high respect. Keep on with what you are doing. Stay beautiful. And be happy!