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There are lots of things to like. It doesn’t seem nice to talk about things I don’t like but, just in the interest of making better pictures, I will try.

I’m looking forward to the backstage video because that’s the only way we can get a feel of what you and your actresses are like in real life. I hope we get to hear her voice because she probably has a British accent and Americans love that. This American loves a Czech accent the most, but British is #2. I’d also love to hear the stories she’s told you about her life, but this is probably not the best place for that.

It’s easy to see that she’s a good person inside, but it’s her eyes that catch your attention. I’ve seen some beautiful pictures of women from that part of world in traditional clothing, with everything but the eyes covered up, and they have the most beautiful and mysterious eyes in all the world. Her hair style seems just right for her, but short hair doesn’t leave you with many options to change things around for pictures, so I don’t think it’s the best choice for a model. Your long hair has allowed you to adjust your style to different outfits and surroundings and that’s made you more appealing to the photographers who have hired you. One of my favorites, by the way, is how your hair and makeup where done in the Double Tease video. I hope you can bring that girl back to life for us someday. She’s a cutie.

Well… I think I failed to come up with anything I don’t like about Yasmeena. She’s awesome. I hope we see more of her 🙂