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In the Bunny Luv clip I mentioned, from 3:35 until about 4:35 it is some of the most sensual filmed sex I have ever seen. The pace, the ‘moves’, the way she grinds her hips slowly on him… just very very sensual.

That is one thing that I hope you never lose here. Sex is GOOD. It is not dirty and it should not be degrading or have any tinge of violence. Maybe I am old-fashioned, but what turns me on is when someone really find pleasure in making their partner find pleasure.

I like sensual. I do not like it too fast. Make it last…

And, for some reason, ever since I was about 9 or 10 years old, the way a woman moves her hips and pelvis (grinding, I guess) has been a huge turn on. I can watch girls sitting in reverse cowgirl for days on end, just sort of hopping up and down. It does nothing for me. The minute she starts to grind herself on him, almost like she is milking him with her pussy… that makes my heart race.

I guess I am weird…