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Hugo Bass

Maybe you can create a video that will be not a “backstage” but a “making off” video and with this said let me explain..
The video will be include 4 parts and ofcourse it will get uploaded before the actual scene (maybe a week you decide that)..
(Part 1 : “Decision time”) You on your bed with your glasses casual dressed looking through the pictures of the actor that you choose explain what make you pick him etc..The video pan out.
(Part 2 : “The casting”) You getting ready to meet him making the last check to the camera and prepare for him to arrive , after that just like the unexpected casting the actor arrives sit down and talk through it..When you have everything you need to know about him the video pans out again.
(Part 3 : “The act”) In this part you choosing what to wear for the scene you choose your lingerie (something that will be easy removable for the scene to be completly naked) put on some makeup and due to this time you talk to the camera and tell how you feel nervous,excited,confident, whatever you really feel , after that you take a deep breath and enter the room that he is waiting for you the camera follows you from the back but the only thing that we can see is the back of your head and your shoulders , suddently you stop walking few feet across and away from him slowly the camera moving down to your waist and the camera stops when we can only see you ass with this beautifull lingerie and your open legs full of high heels and between them we can see the guy siting on the couch across from you after few seconds you start walking to him and when you make 2 steps the image completely mess up (just like when you dont have signal on your t.v.) 2 seconds later the picture comes up again but is blurred pixelated you can see that there is two people having sex but you cant recognise them the only thing that we can recognise is your beatifull voice moaning on the background “no signal” again and the video pans out..
(Part 4 : “Aftermath”) Both of you are getting dressed you are sitting maybe drinking coffee or something like that you talk about the scene and how you enjoy it maybe future scenes with someone of your girls and things like that.The video ends with you on your bed tired and ready to sleep and you kiss us for goodnight..!!
I sorry if this was a long one cant make it smaller.Also english is not my first language so sorry about that too..Hope you like my idea.!