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Hello Everyone!

I agree with you Allan that the selfie definitely could have turned out better. A picture says more than a thousands words, but just in a few words here I´m telling you that there ain´t any chance of “feelng blue” on the inside in such a moment. 😉

Luckily I have got some good photos of us together from other expos, and from Brussel too. Anyways. Of course, I am always looking forward to some even new photos next time.

Thank you dear Markéta for beeing the sweet person that you are, and it will be alot of fun in Zurich! 🙂

And it was great to meet my fellow LCD member Gothic in Brussel as well. It was so nice to get the chance to talk to you too! I hope every thing is all good with you, and I really hope you get better internet connection in the future, so you can participate better in the webchats as well 🙂