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Hugo Bass

So Arnaud one of my scenarios goes like this : Caprice is in her bedroom in front of the mirror she is wearing just a bra panties and high heels she is spreading some make up (but not so much) and she is getting ready to meet her lover she enters the living room and the guy is sitting on the couch completely naked the camera capture from behind her goddess body movement as she walks towards him , few steps away from him she stops and start posing for him after a complete round around herself Caprice look him in his eyes and ask him “do you like what you see ?” the guy unable to talk just move his head to say yes..Caprice start walking again until she meet her stud for today , she is in front of him and when she start to lean the guy try to touch her but Caprice put her hand on his chest and tell him “not so fast” and push him on the couch..She is leaning in front of him in standing doggie possision she kiss him as her hands starts going down from his chest to meet his big black cock with one hand is massasing his balls and with the other she is stroking his cock as she kissing him non stop..She then slowly moving her head south touching his body with her tongue until she reach his cock.Then she start licking his shaft from the bottom to the top slowly she use her tongue on the tip of his cock with round movement.Now she decide that the teasing most stop and she put herself in nympho mode she grab his cock and put it in her mouth fast as she stroke him like a woman possessed the guy moan in pleasure as Caprice doing that she stops look him in his eyes and giggle and put again his cock in her mouth trying for a deepthoat.The camera switch from behind so we can she the action between Caprice legs to sideways.The guy cant stand it anymore he grab her throw her on the couch on her back he remove her panties spread her legs and start liking her pussy and tongue it Caprice giggles as she is rubbing his head.After some action the guy put his cock on Caprice pussy to rub it to tease it when he was ready to enter her she stop him again she stand up grab his cock and say to him “follow me” she is leading the way to the bedroom in front of him pulling her sex slave from his cock.They enter the bedroom she get on the bed on doggie possision she turns toward him and smile as she gets herself ready to be penetrated by a big black cock for the very first time.They are switching from doggie to cowgirl then reverse cowgirl and of course the guy cums on Caprice beatifull model face and she suck him clean..!!