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Thank you for offering me the possibility to express my thoughts.

For me it depends on the person I am giving the blowjob to. Every guy I have had the pleasure to blow has his own preferences, pace etc and that is why I love giving blowjob. Every experience is unique.

The best blow job is about listening to and watching your partner’s reactions.

One of my favourite things (tips I would give) to do is to massage the balls while I put the shaft deep in my mouth and with my tongue I make a circular motion (alternating with sucking him) and with my other hand I hold the shaft tightly at the bottom. That usually arouses men so much and his reactions arouse me. But as I said, there is as many special cases as there are men and of course you have to watch closely his reactions when you start. Only then and this way you can determine on the spot how to proceed, what to do more / less and test his reactions.

🙂 xoxo