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Hello guys. So the scene is done, and Im still shaking!!! First, I was shaking, because I was super nervous, but than, when Sensi looked in my eyes, and sayd his sentences from scenario, the nervosity was away, but I was keep shaking… that feeling when he fucked me, amd Marcello is just watching us behind the camera totally excited… That turns me really on….. Sensi was really nice, gentle, and wild in one, so I have really great feeling from the scene… we tried to keep the scenario, how was it written (except the anal, because black guy was already a big premiere for me, so anal will be too much, but dont worry, its for sure not the last scene with him! :))))
Well, I hope you are gonna be happy with this scene, same as Im… because was really one of the best experiences EVER!!!

And for all the guys, who has some ideas for the scene today… we cant realize all, as the scene was planned and written by arnauld, so it was not possible to add something more into it, and some of the ideas was not possible to realize, because of the setup, camera and light ancles etc 🙂 but dont worry, soon we are gonna make new poll with another custom scenarios!!!
And 🙂 good news 😉 my go-pro cam was ON, all the day, so amazing backstage video coming soon!!!

Well.. I guess I need to take a hot bath now, and rest my body… my pussy and clit are totally fucked up :DDD in a good way of course 🙂

Thank you all, and cant wait for your reactions!!!

With love Yours Caprice