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Ok, here it is !

Dinner party

All men wear suits. Women wear long dresses with lingerie (including suspenders, garter belts,… super sexy, black, white or red).
The scene starts during a dinner, with 6 people enjoying it.
We see Caprice with a blond and a brown girls, and Marcello with two brown men (one is Bob and the second Steven).

All guests are enjoying the dinner, and we can see that wine is largely appreciated 🙂
Marcello speaks with the two girl, Caprice watches him and we can see with deep love…

Caprice realises that she needs to bring more wine for her guests from the kitchen. She stands up and Bob decides politely to help her for this task. They leave the place and we see them in the kitchen. Both have clearly absorbed too much wine. Bob asked Caprice about her last scene with Sensi ; she shares her emotion and shows that, just thinking about it, it still excites her a lot. Caprice is very desirable, describing how she had sex with Sensi, how he played with his fingers and her with her mouth, … Bob gets excited and cannot resist to kiss her.
At this precise moment, we see Steven entering the kitchen, asking if he can help. Discovering this scene, Steven is excited but doesn’t know if he should leave the place or stay. He decides to stay and walk though ; he announces that if Bob can kiss her he wants to do it also, and kiss Caprice with passion.

Having in memory the delicious scene she had with Sensi, Caprice decides to excite them more by describing in detail how she sucked Sensi when she was on her back over the table, with Sensi fucking her mouth … how Marcello entered the scene while Sensi was abusing her ass… The more details she gives, we can see the guys more and more excited, and Caprice realising it but offered to their kisses, hands walking over her body …
During the following minutes, we see the two guys taking off very slowly and gently Caprice dress, kissing her often, touching her body and Caprice showing that she appreciates what’s happening.

The camera goes back to the dinner table where we see Marcello kissing the two girls : he perfectly imagines what Caprice may be doing in the kitchen but wants to take advantage of these two beauties before having his wife with passion. The two girls are decided to abuse the situation : they want to have sex with Marcello. In order to excite him, they start to kiss each other, in a sexual way, starting to touch each other. They kiss him sometimes…
After few minutes, we see both girls still dressed sucking Marcello …

The camera goes back to the kitchen. Caprice lyes on the table, she sucks Steven while Bob sucks and fingers her…

The cameras goes back to the dinning room. The two girls are undressed and playing in a beautiful 69. Marcello helps the brown girl to suck the blond one … and decides finally to fuck the blond girl, still in a 69 … asking the brown girl to suck him before he fucks again the blond girl …

Back to the kitchen. Etc.

At the end, Caprice swallows all men 😉


PS : sorry for my poor English but I am not super familiar with this vocabulary 🙂