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Isn’t it awful that a question has been posted about a possible sex scene with a famous porn star, and yet it’s been 5 months and no response? Caprice and Marcello: Do you really think you’re giving your subscibers their money’s worth? There are dozens (if not, hundreds) of famous porn stars that interact with their fans on a daily basis for FREE on Twitter. We have paid a premium price to see your exclusive videos and interact with you. But your exclusive videos are no better than what we’ve seen on other websites and you don’t spend time with us on your own forum. If the problem is us because we don’t post comments often enough, then you need to draw us in. One idea I have is you start a new subject in your forum called “My diary.” Give us an update of your life 3-4 times per week. Tell us about the new clothes you bought, the last orgasms you had, when you trim or shave your pussy, or even what you’ve been doing to cope with COVID-19. But don’t do anything for my benefit because I won’t be here after my subscription expires in a month or two.