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I am a professional photographer. I have not done a lot of video, but I have done enough to know how things work, especially with the story being told. I am also probably older than you might think. Here’s a hint – I have been in the photography business for over 30 years. I have a good eye and a deep appreciation for beauty.

If you look at my account here you can get an email address for me since it is my account login name. If and when we get into details we should probably do that more privately. For now, there is a decent chance I could get to Miami in December. The hard part is going to be…

1. Finding a location that is private enough AND that is not too close to an airport. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration will let me fly my drone up to 400 feet high anywhere as long as it is not within 5 miles of an airport tower. I could always apply for an authorization but that takes time and I might not be allowed. Miami Beach (North Miami Beach and South Beach) is almost completely OK for flying as far as I can tell. Would you be able to find a location? I would not know where to start since I have no ties to the adult business at all. If you have a location, give me the address (use my signup email for that) and I can check to see if it is in a location OK for flying.

2. Shooting a sex scene is something I have never done. And, to be honest, something I would likely do just one time. With every kind of photography there are things that insiders know about that make things work. You would have to help me understand what can and cannot be done and how long you are used to working for a scene.

3. Will you be traveling with another photographer or know someone in the Miami area to work a second camera? That would help the project out a lot.

Feel free to answer here. Eventually I think it would be best to use my ‘signup’ email. I check it every few days.

This could be fun.