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hey allan,

thanks for taking the time to write an answer.

i can see your point of view and i’m totally up for the new approach of selfmade videos and stuff.

but for a regular dude who saw some caprice and wants to take the next step. support her and pay some serious money on this website here, it’s just not worth it..
maybe the monthly rate is reasonable but lets be serious who wants to be a member of a porn site for 2 years??? 🙂

i just think for people paying 40 bucks for caprice there should be at least all the professional videos she hase made in hd. plus on top of that some exclusive hd videos.. i think that’s not asking for too much…

also 40 bucks for a month is kind of 4x times the fee of a regular quality porn site.. what is being offered here is simply not enough and you know i’m right mate !!!

… the 100€ for the threesome might be a one time thing bla bla.. but it shows the attitude of the people hosting this site.. they are not interest in offering a fair product for the fans.. they wanna rip us off.. and you should not defend this shit!! we deserve better mate, we really do.. !!