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hi everyone,

thank you all for taking the time to comment on my posting..

to be honest i feel a bit ashamed about the tone of voice my inital posting was worded. i’m sorry. see i realize you’re all working to create something truly special here and i think it’s awesome.

i just came home bit drunk and saw this new caprice website. and since i have been a big fan over a long time i initially had really high expectations and took the 40euro 1month offer.

since i’m already owning all the x-art content and basically everything that was out there, it was a bit of a downer to see what i get on top of that for 40 bucks.. that’s all..

however i realize this hole thing here is in the making and stuff you guys made for other brands like xart and so on cannot be showed here..

i’d really appreciate it if you just gave me the option to switch my 1month abo to the more reasonable 1 year membership and i’m a happy guy 🙂

i’ll take some time to fully check out all the content and offers you’re presenting here and then will write down a postive feedback trying to give my opinion about how to improve this project.

good day everyone, brav bleiben, servas 😉