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I have a lot of ideas on this. Here are some to start with…

1. There is way too much porn that puts women down. This is the porn where the woman is being forced to do something and it is the man exerting CONTROL over the women. I hate this. The very SECOND I see a man strike a woman in a video or so anything that I think is unkind and disrespectful, I turn it off and/or delete it.

2. Sex is a good thing. There is a beauty to it. Too much porn makes it raw and ugly. Not enough makes it beautiful.

3. Good production is important. I think you do a good job here, but there are still things that can be explored to make it even better. Very nice light with the ‘Window’ video. And, the solo with Caprice in the pool… you did some good things there too. There are still some things that I think can be done that are very interesting… some of them I have in mind for the ‘Drone’ idea that I mentioned some weeks back.

4. Want me to tell you the sexiest part of a woman’s body? It’s her face. Caprice is an all-around beauty, but the thing that sets her apart is her face and her gaze. I have seen a few girls in porn whose face just mesmerizes me. Caprice is at the top of the list. Then there is also the newcomer, Kenna James. Just a wholesome looking face that is both cute, sexy and beautiful. Kasey Chase had that same look too. Maybe add earlier Blue Angel and Tiffany Thompson to the list. Kimmy Granger too. Faces that are just TOO CUTE and you would think they would NEVER do porn… then they DO. Huge turn-on. Caprice is too pretty for this… and that makes her all the more exciting to watch. Without a doubt my favorite.

5. Attitude is important. A girl has to WANT to do this. I feel badly for girls who get talked into this business or who are forced into it because they just need the money. That makes me sad. I get the feeling that you two do this because you really do enjoy it. Sex is meant to be enjoyed. If the performers enjoy it, the viewers probably will too.

6. I like it when the female performer seems GENUINELY interested in pleasing her partner AND the viewer. She is GIVING something of herself to it. She is not being made to do it. She WANTS to do it. It excites her. This comes across in very few instances these days in porn. I think you have it here.

7. Think about unique angles. That is one of the reasons why I came up with the ‘Eye in the Sky’ scenario. It is a way to show something very differently and, if done right, in an extremely erotic manner. Add to that some lighting that brings out the female form and beauty… I have seen a few videos where there is light coming from a sharp angle that really accentuate breasts and the belly of the girl. There are some videos at a site called ‘’ that do this. I think they are a little overdone and they almost NEVER show my favorite position to watch – reverse cowgirl and pile driver.

8. Keep asking your questions and listening to your fans. I remember asking if you guys could do some male nipple play. When you responded to that request (and keep on… btw) in the next video… that ALONE was exciting.

9. Breasts are not sexy. Pussies are not sexy. Butts are not sexy. WOMEN are sexy. It is what a woman DOES with her body to please her partner that is sexy. It is the PLEASURE that she wants to create that is sexy. That is why being forced into sex or porn is, to me, a turn off.

10. You are very much on the right track here. An orgasm is great, but most of the pleasure is in the anticipation of getting there. Teasing is good too. A girl rubbing her pussy on her man’s cock, but not letting him inside for a while – just letting him feel her moistness as she slowly grinds and bears down on him… that’s a great tease.

Don’t get me started. I have way too many ideas for this kind of thing than any man ought to have.