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Arnaud taking into account what you said…

I have a clear idea about a scenario. That’s the airBNB scenario. Marcello and Caprice offer a bed of their house / apartment on Airbnb. Chris Diamond comes and discover the place. He is welcomed by the Czech couple who start to present the appliances of the house / apartment. Chris Diamond can’t stop looking at the beautiful Caprice while she tells him about the shower, toilets, kitchen. There is lots of eye contact between Caprice and Chris while Marcello does not notice it.
At some point, Chris discovers that Caprice is an erotic model thanks to a magazine that was left or a paper with a picture on it. He steals the paper. At some point, he goes to the shower and start to masturbate on the picture of Caprice. Meanwhile, Caprice don’t understand why the shower is locked so long and tries to enter in the shower. She has a second key and enter the shower and discover Chris is masturbating on her picture.

She starts to masturbate him without kissing him. Both of them are standing and she handles his cock. Then, she sucks him by looking to him in the eyes. he asks her to fuck her and she does it in several positions. at some points, she is on top of him, and we can see the door of the shower in front of them. Marcello quickly gets in the bathroom. Chris stops to have sex with Caprice and gets scared and he says: “i am sorry”. Caprice smiles and tells Chris Diamond to watch. Then, she french kisses Marcello while she watches Chris. Then, she fucks Marcello in front of Chis who can’t stop masturbating.

Then, i don’t know what could happen meanwhile but at the end the two cum on Caprice face.