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That was beautiful, and sexy as all get out. Great series. Please keep going … and cumming! 🙂

I most enjoyed the beginning, when the couples were just chatting before starting the sexplay, and then I loved the end when the men switched and the women each enjoyed a good, hard shagging from the other woman’s man. Caprice, the expression on your face as he mounted you, and penetrated you balls deep inside your vagina, was exquisite.

It was such an intimate and arousing scene. Thank you for this site and your work.

I enjoy very much – as you probably can tell from this post – the shared intimacy.

I wonder if you and Marcelo set any ground rules before such scenes. In my opinion, it is the height of intimacy for a woman to allow a man to spurt his seed into her mouth. Is that a rubicon that you and Marcelo do not cross? I think it would be a very hot scene indeed if you swallowed another man’s cum during a swinging scene.

I hope that I am not pressing here, or going places you would not wish to discuss.