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One summer day, I was hiking up a trail that doesn’t get used much even on the weekend, but this was a day when most people were at work. The forest was thick, and I was lost in thought, and then a young, beautiful, topless woman appeared before me. She wasn’t embarrassed. She just covered her breasts with her arms and said “I didn’t think anyone would be here today”, as she walked on past me and on down the trail. I said something clever and witty, like “Yeah, me too”, and continued on up the trail. I glanced over my shoulder, of course, and she’d uncovered her breasts again, but all I could see was her beautiful back. I thought about how nice it could have been to spend an hour together, or the rest of day, or the rest of our lives, but it was not to be. Maybe you guys could come up with a more exciting ending to that story and make a video for us 🙂