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I believe Porn has such a success as it combines what is the most pleasurable in our bodies with scenarios we would like to live.
My recommendation is to create situations to which people could relate to, so they could imagine themselves in that situation, being one of the actors. The introduction is really important and crucial as it is the bridge between people’s life and what you are performing.
That said, there is tons of porn out there already creating scenes for all kind of all day situation and even if I would recommend to do that too, I would make the try to make something deeper and authentic as you guys are already putting your personal truthful passion and love into your scenes.
Tantra is all about using sex as a tool of healing and deeper connection between people practicing it. If this could be shown in some scenes, it could be really inspiring for people. Practically it means men can have several and deeper orgasms as he can separate the orgasmic sensation in his body with ejaculating and both together can bring the orgasm to a much higher state called full body or brain orgasm. There are plenty of info online and books with exercises to train oneself. Getting this on camera with the kind of bridge so people can get into it could be fantastic.
What do you feel?

When I wrote “How to you feel public will react if they see a clip that is arousing, delicious and also transformative in the sense that it goes way beyond momentarily pleasure?” I meant that as well as the sexual pleasure, it could be really satisfying that if we, as public can take with us a warm sensation of having witnessed a really deeply transformative intimate moment. Don’t take me wrong: You guys are already doing it, just wanting to encourage to explore it deeper!!! 😀