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When you do the POV BG scene… just a couple of ideas…

1. Try to find a camera operator to work the camera. That way they can think about the framing and get a little further back so we can see ALL OF YOU. I would be very frustrated to see all closeups and no COMPLETE CAPRICE.

2. Tease Marcello and… us. Maybe slide your pussy over the top of his cock without quite letting him inside you for a while. Let the viewers think about feeling your moistness… just barely. That is very sensual I think.

3. Not much here on your site that has the pile driver position. I like reverse cowgirl but for a POV… not so much. Can’t see your face or breasts. Maybe a good bit of regular cowgirl POV (try to get ALL of you in the frame…) and then maybe have Marcello put your ass on the arm of a sofa while you lean back ON the sofa and he sort of does some pile driver that way.

4. For the finish, if you finish him by mouth, reach into your mouth with your free hand and get some saliva on your fingers. Reach up and play with one of his nipples WHILE he comes. Or, lick a nipple while you finish him by hand… In all the porn I have seen I have NEVER seen anyone do that and my wife does that to me all the time. Well, not as mush now as she used to…

Just thoughts from the guy with the drone…