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Allan Tingey

Silent movie…

For me, the most romantic album I’ve ever heard is a selection of jazz by Diana Krall called Love Scenes. Some of the songs are quite lively, and others are very soft, but all are stories about love and romance. I’d like you guys to listen to it when you’ve had a lot to drink, and then choose a song you like and make a silent movie that goes with it. We’ll just buy the song and listen to it while watching you. I would like your movie to mostly be about love and romance, with a little sex in there too, so I’m thinking of scenes like walking on a beach in the moonlight, or a candlelight dinner for two on a roof top. There could be dancing and laughter when you are together, or a little sadness, perhaps, when you are apart, and you could jump back and forth between love making and just enjoying time together when you’re not making love.