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Little Caprice

So guys 🙂 I was going through our photosets, and I found some cool items, which can be interesting for you! Im getting some requests, from some of you, who want to have this items at home, so I got an idea… What if, we are gonna do an auctions? I chose the first interesting items, and I want to let you vote, which one we will bid for as first!

Here are the items:

NR. 1: Black Dildo, from the scene with Lina Diamond

NR. 2: mine panties, from the scene Window

NR. 3: Tiffany’s egg from our last Christmas scene

NR. 4: My favorite anal plug, used in the Christmas scene, and also in our first anal scene for LCD PLUG IN

NR. 5: My favourite shoes! I used them in one of the live shows, but also, many times for shootings in my past, also for x-art scene, Double Tease, maybe you remember that one:) They are really legends 😀

So 🙂 Lets vote for your favourite item!