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Little Caprice

And now this is the hard part.From the moment i start follow your career i was always consindering you something like a supermodel a star and i knew you will be “big” so for a photoshoot i can’t really choose my favorite one it is obvious that you are gorgeous but is something more about you that is so photogenic you own the camera every time and even now i can’t really tell what that thing really is..As for the video its the same with the photos but i tend more in your “step up” game and let me explain..
Just because of your looks and your personality that combine the superstar with the girl next door it excites me a little bit more when i watch the wild side of Caprice..I remember when i enter x-art and i see for the first time the ” In the blind ” i get goosebumps or with ” Caprice loves double cocks ” and the double facial that you receive from Marcelo and Jean for Colette or your first IR with Sensi and in general anything “beyond” your self anything that is forbitten and you are willing to do it gives me a rush of cold blood every time..Let me clarify i’m not a Gonzo maniac i will never like to see you perform like some U.S.A girls with all that gaping and spitting and all that shit ( I know that you never will and i’m happy for you ) i would love to see you once in a while you and Marcelo shoot seperatly i mean just imagine you sitting on a chair like a queen bitting your lips and finger while looking at Marcelo on the bed while he getting along with two girls and you get involved only after he finish and with a big smile on your face you kiss him for the end or the exact opposite you with two guys..Or you with three guys (incuding Marcelo which i have also a scenario for) or your first DP etc etc..My point is there is nothing cheap..If its done right it can be romantic as well as sexy and dirty its what i like to call H.A.S.A.F “Hard Art Sexy As Fuck”..Kisses gorgeous!!

Hey Hugo 🙂 Well, You got the point… I really like to be this kind of ”wild” girl, and the scenes you named, are something I will never forget in my life.. Especially the one with Sensi 🙂 Its nice, also because Im choosing to do it, its the right moment and the right place, thats why I really enjoy it. If Im doing it like some girls, every week or always when production ask me, I will not have fun. So 🙂 What I want to say… Im sure, it will come a day, I will decide to do a BBBG, and it will be another day in my life, I will always remember… 😀 And if we ever shoot separately? Well, I must say, that in my dreams I see myself to watch my husband having sex with two girls, while Im just watching… And its HOT imagination!!! Who knows, if Im ever do this in front of the camera, but never say no 🙂 Kisses!!!