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Cédric Bonnouvrier

The first time I discovering you was in 2011, when I start university, with a picture without your name on a french website : Bonjour Madame. The second time was the same year, a little later, when I search some pictures of Brno Petrov and find you posing in front of an old gothic gate near the cathedral (picture by stefan grosjean). After that, I make some research and find your topic in the Pierre Woodman website the month you had your health issue, and I remember I pray for your recovering. I fall in love with your angelic face and your delightful upturned nose. But, it’s with one picture from the sweet pleasure gallery in Joymii that I decided to follow your work, subcribing to your first blog and today to your website. I am not normally a fan of porn but with you, it’s a true art, I like all your poses, each more sensual than the previous ones, and with an artistic research 🙂