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Hugo Bass

Title : “My Darkest Fantasy”

Plot : The camera has been set at the end of a dark corridor from the other end enters Caprice.She is wearing a dress and high heels and walks a bit anxious towards the camera ( no eye contact with the camera she looks a bit scared).When she almost meet with the camera she realize that there is two doors one at right and one at the left hand side she stands a little bit and after a few looks left and right she choose the right hand side door.There is an empty room with low light and only a mirror in it she stands in front of the mirror she takes a few deep breaths and start taking off her dress teasing us with her body and she stays only with her black lingerie and her high heels.She then steps closer to the mirror and with her fingers fix her lipstick she takes a few more looks at her figure through the mirror and when she is ready turns and walk to exit the room she pass through the corridor and enter the other room the camera follow her from behind (so we can she her in all her greatness).The other room is completly dark and only a spotlight in the center of the room lighting the floor and a couch in one side of it.Caprice walks towards the light and stand right under it.After a few moments of silence and a few scary looks from Caprice around the room , fleshlights one after the other turn on ( three in total ) and points towards Caprice and start to move slowly up and down all over her goddess body as the fleshlights come closer to her.Caprice realise what is happening but is too late to react now and she is completly surrender the fleshlights turn off and three guys surround her ( dressed in black shirts,pants,shoes and robber masks with cuts on the mouth and eyes and it is essential to keep their mask on i will explain later ) and the lights of the room turn on so there isn’t dark anymore.Without a word they start touching , teasing and kissing her from all sides all over her parts of her body.Caprice is completly lost in the moment as she tries to please everyone of them they strip her from her lingerie and they unzip and take off their pants as Caprice fall to her knees.She start to suck one after the other as she strokes the other two.One of the guys grab her hand make her stand take her on his arms and take her to the couch on her back as the same guy lick her pussy the other two take their places right and left of her to please them using her hand and mouth.The one that it was licking her enters her pussy to penetrate her while she is sucking the other two.They trading places and posisions doggystyle reverse cowgirl etc and they end up in cowgirl while she rides the one and sucks the other the last guy take his place behind and above Caprice whenever the guy under her stops and remove his cock from her pussy the guy above her enters to give her a few hard penetrations then the guy under take his turn and it goes on and on until they all ready Caprice fall to her knees and all three of them cum on her beautiful gorgeous face as Caprice smiles and lick them all off..!!

Plot twist : After the guys finish and leave from the camera another guy enters and it is Marcelo dressed up like the other guys but with no mask on.Caprice is laying on her back on the couch and her face full of cum Marcelo comes close to her kneel in front of her and smile giving the impression that he organize all this but he does’nt take part ( ofcourse it was one of the guys who took part thats why they should keep their masks on ) as both of them smile the camera pan out and the scene ends..

Actors : Given that the one is your husband the awesome performer that we know and love for the other two spots i would like to see Lutro ( that you know already ) and Juan Lucho a spaniard very good guy very good performer and good size.With this combination i think we will have a sexual overload for you and us.Althought i will not force anything as i always believe that the final choice has to be yours.

Well this is my scenario i appreciate your time reading it and i hope i win.I really realy want to see you perform like this.. 😛