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Dear Caprice
My name is Constantinos Nicolaidis officially, but my second name is Noah and is my favor name that I love to hear others call me as such. I am 55 years old men and I am a retired Marine seaman officer. I worked 20 years at sea on cruise ships (passenger ships Luxury that travelling around the world). I do have travel around all the world from North pole to south pole and I have see many place in The American continent In Europe Continent in Asia Continent Africa Continent and Oceania Continent – It was one dream that become true working and see the whole world, talking with people of different nationalities and different cultures. It was an adventure that it started since I was 18 years old On 7 march 1981, a freshman on board among unknown persons to me travelling around. My very first night into my cabin alone was a terrifying experience but it was too late to step back. On the next day I was visited the hairdresser’s room to cut my hair and put them in shape. They were two Irish girls 19 and 22 years old that they were welcome me in and treated me well. I was with white uniform and with a single stripe of cadet. I was the youngest boy on board ,because all other men were from 29years old and above. They become my very best friends for a long time. I love to do friendship with beautiful and open-minded people. They and I we did a lot of trio sexual activities plus orgies. I lost them in on one wreckage of ship unfortunately on 1988, I was serving an another ship then. My grief was great. I met a lot of girls in my life. I got a relationship with a Russian lady on 1996 and we got married on 3 march 2004. She was a bi female and we had a lot of beautiful adventures. One day she asked me a divorce. She got a new life with our best women. I respected her decision and I left her to go free and happy. It was not an easy decision. I felt empty and alone with the literal of the word alone. Then I tried new interest and lifestyle but I was feeling empty .I Shaw you first time in Pierre Woodman video production on the website of Pornhub. You were in a room with a bed and a plantation on the pot in a nearby. You were in sensual mood touching yourself at start and then come a new guy that approached you and you bend on your knees and you took him blow job and then you did sex with him and then suddenly you received anal sex. you made me seeing you an masturbating for you. I didn’t knew you before. It was the first best impression that you gave me. I tried and found new videos with you and then I become more interested in you. I learn your name and Marketa Stroblova and then I started to be a follower of you and then I learned that you got married Marcelo and you perform together very good and your website and your filmographies become my favorite. Sorry for my long comment