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Hello James… well, this is really an interesting question. My first scene ever was the threesome with Lutro, and other czech guy… The funny think was, I didn’t know, Im going to shoot a threesome… It was my first one ever, and this in front of the camera. So, I came to the location, totally nervous… (doesn’t matter if threesome, or only solo shoot, I was super nervous just from the experience) so, The people were nice, and they told me: Hi, nice to have you here, there is an make up room, and this is your partner. And Lutro comes. I sayd to myself, ok, he is sympathic guy, I can do that.. But than comes the other guy… He says, and with me too… I was asking, if Im booked for more scenes, because the deal was just one… They sayd no, we are gonna have a threesome! Well, this was shock for me, but on other side, I was excited, as both of them were nice to me, and it was my first experience, so, I sayd OK 😀 Short before the scene they gave me a bit champagne, to relax, because they saw how nervous Im 😀 I was 18, looking like 16 😀 But as soon as the camera started, the nervosity was away, and I enjoyed a lot the scene! And from that moment, I knew it was not my last time 😀 I always like sex, and discover a new thinks, so it was kind of challenge for me, and its still till now… :)))