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Hi, Marketa, my name is Vladimir, I wanna say you thanks, by this trip of your piece of life, piece of your heart. I am glad to see you of Hall of Fame of this art. I have seen more of your videos ( from 15 years, now I am 24 ) and I am of the greatest fillings about this chance to enjoy and see your full grace, charisma, sexuality and sweet verbal communication, in our age. I see in you, more then another peoples in our alredy cyber age, by this 10 years of your job, I get seen your rise and fallings and I very like this life trip. Now I am in Amsterdam and wanna try one of the part of your life and get a escort from Taylor Sands ( now I know more about your world and know how to embody dreams to reality ). I have been in Czech Republic and if really, w with you, light in Prague streets are more brightly. Thank you for intervention in my life, my queen.