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Hugo Bass

Caprice is wearing a long white dress almost like a sheet and she sits on a big rock beside her is a small pond slowly she stand up and undress her beautifull body and proceed to enter the pond.Step by step she is gettin deeper and deeper in the pond her body from the waist down is inside the water she starts washing her breasts with water and circle around but she is not alone above the pond on a small cliff a curious explorer notice her but Caprice didn’t see him.The explorer cant take his eyes off of her as Caprice continues massage her body.As she is playing in circles in the pond she suddendly stops the only thing the explorer can see is her back , his breath has paused , slowly Caprice turns her head and stares deep in the explorer eyes above her shoulder to show him that “i know you are watching me” the guy lost it and he cant move he want to hide but also he cant stop watching her Caprice then smiles turn around and with her finger gesture to him “come closer”.The explorer gather all the powers that he have and approach her he take of his clothes and sits οn the shore of the pond totally naked. Caprice walks towards him and when they meet she starts kissing the lucky adventurer and with her hands caressing his body slowly as she is going lower and lower until she reach his cock.She starts stroking him and massaging him and with her tongue licking his torso and abs. Caprice now owns the poor man she start to lick and sucking his cock ferociously and stroking it at the same time all this is so much to bare and the guy cant hold it anymore he tries to step away from her mouth so he can finish on her breast and face but Caprice hold him tight inside her mouth so he cums inside her.As the guy finish Caprice continue sucking him until few drops of cum comes out from the sides of her mouth.At this very moment the poor adventurer realise that this strange woman in the pond not only suck his cum from his body but also his own soul..!!