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Marcello Bravo

Hi nils , i Tell you something: it’s a big dfferent between privat people and actors ! Actors have sex in front of the cam till 3-4 times a week with the hottest girls on earth and this many many years ! The actors just humans, and not each scene is perfect, sometimes can be happens that a actor have a bad day !!! Does t matter why ! The dick works with the brain , and when the brain is off , the dick is down.. this can have many reasons , privat problems, bad day etc …

I believe when you can have sex with caprice your dick goes up in 1 second, but maybe also you cum in 1 min lol …

It’s not easy to be a actor, a good actor have to be fit ! Always ready in each situation, doesn’t matter where he have to make sex and with who. All the set is waiting for the dick, when he goes up all works 🙂 sometimes 20 people or more around , in the most expensive location, big productions spend sometimes more than 25.000 euro per scene, so when the actor doesn’t works , no scene ! Can you believe how difficult it is , to be a score 😉