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I have 3 actually. 3 very hot scenes.

1. Caprice is in a business meeting with 3 businessmen and after some talking and flirting and teasing things heat a little up and leads to Caprice going down on her knees and giving the 3 guys a blowjob and ends with all 3 cumming all over her pretty face.

2. Marcello invides a friend who turns out to be a foot lover to have fun with Caprice’s feet. Marcello watches the guy giving Caprice a foot massage, licking and kissing them and after some rubbing of his bulge through his pants he gets a footjob and ends with Caprice on her knees offering the guy her soles as he jerks and cums all over her soles. Marcello, turned on by this, could then take her doggy style with Caprice’s feet still covered before he also cums all over her soles.

3. A threesome with Caprice, Marcello and another guy. Caprice could have a hot steamy threesome having sex in various positions. The highlight would be Caprice riding Marcello while she gives the other guy a blowjob. Then Marcello spreads Caprice’s butt and gives the guy a sign to double the fun leading the guy entering Caprice from behind for her first ever recording double penetration.