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Hey guys 🙂 yeah Im glad ypu like our “solo” performances 🙂 to my video with Mick: omg I really love it. The lighting, the atmosphere, and of course Mick 🙂 It was great to work with him, I think I have a thing for an Austrian guys lol 😀

About the Marcello scene… well, it sounds great to watch him having sex with this two beauties, especially Tianna.. but I was not on the set. For Vixen is different. They shoot the whole day, with all the fashion and stills… and there is so much people arround, so I better stay at home, and the same him when I shoot with Mick. Mikonos was different, we were all in one house, but in LA is simply different. But I think is good too… we can enjoy our scenes 100%… we were both nervous to work alone, and be on the set alone, but as soon as we were in action, we enjoyed it more than 100% 🙂 but dont worry, as soon as he get home, he got a dinner and a sexy servis from me 😉 a perfect wife :)))